Blue Star DBTULV

FEATURES · Virus Deactivation Tech capable of Anti-virus capabilities · Filters work as an air purifier · Climate Control Features · Brushless DC Motor · Reduced Noise with improved cooling performance · Anti-virus and microbial capabilities - 2 customizable user profiles available

Daikin FTKR35

FEATURES · Power Chill Mode · Voice and Mobile App controls · Quiet operation for households - Voice controls allow for wireless operation


FEATURES · LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor · Anti-Virus Filter for Air Quality · 5 different modes for varying cooling capacities · Faster cooling speeds with Dual Inverter Compressor · Cationic Silver Ions in Filter help with air cleansing - Energy efficient, cuts down on costs

Panasonic CS/CU-WU12WKYXF

FEATURES · Wi-Fi connectivity through MirAle · Twin Cool Inverter Technology · Nanoe-G Filter · Improves air quality through Nanoe-G Filter · Energy Efficient product - Aesthetics fit modern household styles

Voltas 4502526-123V CZT3

FEATURES · 2-Stage Filtration · Sleep Mode and Super Silent Operation · 100% Copper Components · Noise-free operation makes it great for bedrooms - Copper construction lends it some durability


FEATURES · DuraFin Plus Copper Tubing · Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant · 5-Step Cooling Modes · Customizable Energy consumption · Easy to clean filters and Auto Clean Mode - Energy efficient, rated at 4 Stars

Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW511KUD

FEATURES · All-Copper construction of internal components · Auto Restart and Fan Speed · Automatic Filter Cleaning · Easy to use through its automated features · Energy efficient, rated at 5 stars - 43 Quality Tests ensure reliability

Llyod GLS18I56WBEL

FEATURES · Dehumidifier · Golden EVA Coils · Quality Air Filters · Rapid Cooling Features · Incredibly fast cooling - Is effective even in areas experiencing 52°C of heat

Carrier Emperia NX 18K

FEATURES · 100% Copper Construction · Ambient Working Temp. of 52°C · R32 Eco-friendly Refrigerant · Works in areas with high Ambient Temp. · 5-Year compressor warranty is always a plus - PM 2.5 Air Filter rids air of particles and dust


FEATURES · PM 0.3 Filter · Twin Inverter Hi-Speed HD Compressor · Weather Proofing for enhanced durability · Improved air quality with the specialized air filter - Fast cooling capabilities with the GoldFin Heat Exchangers