9 unique duffle bags for travelling

So many bags act as duffle bags that are simple and versatile simultaneously in nature. An ideal for travelling purposes. Generally consists of a soft type bag with a ZIP openings and a strap for the shoulders in order to travel from one place to another whether for the vacation, fishing-trips on weekends or other days on a daily basis.

Our expertise team has well researched and analyzed for the 12 unique and best duffle bags that

can make your travels comfortable and enjoyable too as per every traveler’s requirements…

1)) Sky-bags Cardiff Polyester 55 cms Blue Travel Duffle –

Sky bags brand with a costing of Rs 990/-.

The dimensions include the capacity of 39 liters, Weight is 2330 grams and dimensions are 55 cms x 29 cms x 29 cms (LxWxH) with poly-resin material.

The versatile duffle bag of india is found with the water resistance and tough in nature. Ideal for outdoors-travelling.

It consists of 1 compartment with the butterfly lock and rolling wheels called as rolling duffle bag.

Buy this if:  You need a water resistant, sporty bag that can use and handle everything by using the toting sports gear and it can be used for a two-day camp trip and can be extended for a whole week vacation.

Available in 2 colors as blue and red.

2)) The Clownfish Ambiance Series 20 Litre Unisex Faux Leather Brown Travel Duffle

This is a Clownfish ambiance series unisex synthetic Brown duffle travel bag with capacity of 18 inch/20 liters storage.

 The costing of duffle bag is Rs 749/-.

It is hand-crafted and designed by the premium brown color leatherette and the other material used is polypropylene.Hence act as mens leather duffle bag.

The duffle bag is both scratch resistant and water resistant. These bags constitute 20 liter capacity storage and hence can be collapsed without any scratches, when not in use.

The additional features of the leather duffle bag include an adjusting shoulder strap- the padded one and designed in a way for the mobility, comfort-ability, both.

Therefore the Clownfish design, brand and comfort-ability are an ideal for the Indian travelers.

The Clownfish ambiance series is 18 inch/20 liters duffle Bag- can be called as the weekend bag and travel bag, both.

The cabin bag ambiance series consists of the inner pockets and 1 year brand manufacturing warranty with adjustable shoulder straps.

Buy this if: 

You need a durable strong and water-resistant bag. Craftsmanship of this duffle bag is not only consist of a good quality material used in manufacturing, but also includes quality metal fittings, best quality zippers, sliders and even the re-enforcement materials. The durable polyester material is used inside the duffle bag and leatherette straps for better handling on the shoulders. Genuinely Made in India Product .

3)) Gear Polyester 38 cms Grey Travel Duffle-

This is a Gear Polyester Grey-Color duffle travel bag with capacity of 22 liters storage.

The costing of duffle bag is Rs 549/-.

It is hand-crafted and designed in premium grey color polyester and the quality is its water- resistance capacity.

The other dimensions of the duffle bags are including as 38 cms x 24 cms x 24 cms (LxWxH).

One of the unique duffle bag for travelling, the gear polyester grey duffle bag is the best and the tough bag we can find out. It is made up of sturdy canvas polyester, with leather trims and the brass hardware’s which is consistently available. The shoulder strap is adjustable, which is useful if you prefer to carry your bags by shoulders. A small inside pocket in duffle bag  is convenient for tucking away say  it is wallet or house keys.  Consists of 1 compatible compartment with good zipper lines that are strong enough for the travelling.

Buy this if: 

You need a water resistant, royal and a classy bag. Besides being a traveler bag for adventurous trips, it is certainly be not the bag you would  have taken on the business tour but certainly is a cabin for the mountains, trekking and even for the beaches. The outdoor look of the bag equally has many benefits including its long usage with a slightly little care; this duffle bag can be lasted to a very long time. 

4)) FUR JADEN Textured Leatherette Stylish & Spacious Weekender Duffle Bag for Travel for Men and Women

Fur Jaden brand with a costing of Rs 1199/-.

The dimensions include the capacity of 39 liters, Weight is 2330 grams and dimensions are 55 cms x 29 cms x 29 cms (LxWxH) with poly-resin material.

Just get your globetrotting in a full joyous swing with this fur jaden duffel bag. It is handy in nature which is also carrying one’s basic essentials, along-with it. The simple-minimalist design allows the use of the handy traveler’s duffle bag to help in your travels and that too anywhere without any hassles.

A versatile traveler’s duffel bag of FUR JADEN can be carried on your shoulders with shoulder strap of the bag or in your hands, itself. Hence wear and tear persistent is the duffle bag that can be used smoothly in the long run.

Buy this if: 

The duffel bag of FUR JADEN can be taken easily for the weekend getaways or business trips, as well. The simple artistic design of the FUR JADEN duffle bag showcases the exotic brown color durability looks of it. Manufacturing it as a sophisticated and the versatile functioning, it emerges the opportunities to carry out the duffle bag as one of the on-lookers admiring ones duffle bag. Just pack your bag-stuff and rush-on on an adventurous trip to complete your bucket wish-list. For these plans, just grab your duffle bag, put your  essentials and valuables and you are just ready to go-on.

5)) American Tourister Ohio Polyester 55 cms Blue Travel Duffle –


American Tourister brand with a costing of Rs 1898/-. With 3 years international warranty from the original date of purchases.

Our expertise team well researched and analyzed thereby bringing you the American tourister stylish duffel bags for travelling purposes. It is manufactured using the material polyester and is blue in color. A durable duffle design has been manufactured and comprises of the compartments with the front and the sides, as well for the extra amount of space, one needed.

The duffel bag of india comprises of a 1-single compartment with a capacity of 54 liters. It has a good-elegant design and a comfort handle. This duffel bag comprises with the quality of having wheels in order to carry the luggage around and hence easily portable.Also called as a rolling duffle bag.

The American tourister travel bag also comes with adjustable straps for the shoulders and can be raised cross for the back. The trolley design in this duffle bag therefore provides ease, elegance, comfort and mobility for any travelling trip or vacations.

Buy this if: 

You like good brands and are equally fashion conscious that is in the need for an elegant design then this American tourister ohio duffle bag fits the bill appropriately. Can be easily carried for the vacation travelling, business travelling and even a trip to the gym, as well. A reliable, polyester made, water resistant and a strong duffle bag is a must buy as it can with-stand the wears and tears of travelling with its highest quality standards, light-weight designs and the trust of 100+ customer reviews that shows a positive feedback of it. You will never regret when buying this product with great elan. A good substitute for the suitcases. Also have detachable straps that can be adjusted according to the person’s height holding it, as well.

6)) Fastrack Blue Travel Duffle-

Fastrack brand with a costing of Rs 749/-. With 1 year of manufacturing warranty from the original date of purchases.

It generally consists of polyester material having blue color in duffle bag. A light-weight durable travel duffle bag. Can be easily utilized for travelling purposes or whether 1-2 days trip to gym or any business trips as well.

The capacity consists of 28 litres with the dimensions are inclusive of 25.4 x 25.4 x 43.2 cm. 

And 1 main compartment with mesh compartment also to keep the water bottle intact. Also has 1 side zipper in order to make it more comfortable so as to put smaller items as well.

Buy this if: 

You want a durable duffle bag with a sturdy material and the adjustable straps. Consist of the smooth sipper compartment with engraved branding over it giving it a stylish look.

An effortlessly cool and irreverent duffle bag having made for the cheeky kinds with making the fashionably forward designs and constantly re-inventing itself for the user’s comfort -ability.

An eternally young bag that can defines you every-day.

7)) MOCA 4in1 Canvas casual Backpack

MOCA brand with a costing of Rs 1899/-. A Vintage Military Messenger Hiking Camping outdoor Trip Tour Travel Duffel Shoulder Casual Bag Back-Pack.

Just loved by the hikers .

Made up of 90% High density cotton canvas and 10% PU leather, it’s a durable backpack with 30 litres capacity storage.Hence considered to be a unique duffle bag for travelling.

The dimensions include Approx.30 x 18 x 48 cm / 11.8 x 7 x 18.9 inch(L x W x H). It can hence fit the most 15.6 inch laptop, also.

It consists of 1 main zippered pocket, 1 laptop compartment in main pocket, 2 zipper pockets in front and 1 side mesh pocket. And comfortable thickened strap design for the cross shoulder carrying purposes also.

An awesome design is being made for this duffle bag and having ample space for the storage’s, high-density cotton adjustable shoulder strap providing comfort-ability at the same time thereby making the backpack more attractive.

Buy this if: 

You want a military stylish brownish duffle bag with ample spaces that can fits a laptop and even two-pairs of dresses as well, quite easily. A right choice of the duffle bag for traveling, outdoor-work, camping’s, hiking’s, everyday using like for schools, gyms also. Hence we can have a multipurpose usage of it.

8)) Amazon Basics Canvas Travel Duffel Bag, Grey-

Amazon basics brand with a costing of Rs 4249/-.

It comprises of 1 year limited warranty from the date of manufacturing.

A duffel bag so manufactured consists of the space for the clothes, toiletries and many more…..

It can be used as a cabin bag and carry bag, as well. It is made of a light-weighted, durable bag popular for its khaki looks as it is made of premium leather materials( a leather duffle bag), has greater strength and exclusive designs arenas.

The dimensions of the duffle bag consists of 52.6 x 40.9 x 21.6 (L x W x H) cms

It consists of 2 loop handles, a good detachable shoulder strap which is helpful in comfortable carrying of luggage’s from one place to another.

Buy this if: 

You are planning for a trip, vacation or a weekend gateway..?? Then this mens leather duffle bag fits your bill appropriately in order to carry laptops, clothes and even toiletries as well.

Can be taken easily for the 2-3 days weekends trip. You can buy duffle bags online in india, as well.

9)) Chris & Kate Polyester 50 Litres Lightweight Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels (Blue and Grey)-

Chris & Kate brand costing duffle bag at a nominal price of Rs.874/-.

This travel duffle bag has a capacity of 50 liters. A made in India product that is having polyester in its material and foldable in nature, as well.

It is a trolley bag having wheels and is available in multi-colors, as well.

This duffle bag is water resistant in nature with 1 compartment having a one large zipper back pocket and one-side pocket. It consists of 2 numbers of wheels for easy mobility.

Buy this if: 

You want a foldable duffle bag with hassle free convenient straps that can be easily crisscrossed on your shoulders.

Just Travel in style using this  Chris & Kate duffle bag with a sophisticated duffel design so as to carry and hold all your essential products for an in-flight travel, overnight trip or even an adventure trip .Just pack your bags and head-on anywhere with it. You can easily buy these duffle bags online in india.

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