Best Fishing Rod in India 2022: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide.

Do you become concerned when you think about buying the best fishing rod in India? Do you find yourself having doubts? We understand since we’ve already gone through the process of researching best fishing rod and reels, which is why we’ve compiled a thorough list of the best selling fishing rod in India right now.

There are many different types of fishing rods available such as day fishing or night fishing rods. As a result, you should conduct thorough research to avoid purchasing low-quality goods. To assist you, we got down and compiled this list of the best selling fishing rods in India for your fishing experience.

This technique we use to compile our list of best telescopic fishing rod is influenced by a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

Brand Value: Each best fishing pole has its own unique value. Most companies have some kind of unique selling proposition that helps them stand out from the crowd.

Product Value: Simply put, this is how much bang you get for your product value with the best Fishing Rod.

Product Quality: With travel fishing rods, you don’t always get what you paid for; sometimes you get less and sometimes you get more.

Product Reliability: How strong and durable a fishing rod is to buy fishing rod online should indicate how long it will last you.

We tested and evaluated these 10 best fishing rods in India based on their quality, adaptability, and overall product value.

10 Best Fishing Rod in India 2022

1. Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod / Fishing Rod

Overview: Cadence’s CR7 Series fishing rod is made of lightweight materials that provide strength and sensitivity. The Cadence CR7 spinning rod / fishing rod line will exceed your expectations by offering all of the functionality, quality, and design of premium lightweight spinning rods. Cadence’s CR7 series is designed to provide a superior rod at a lower price than the competitors, making it the best fishing pole for lakes in India. It costs INR 15,164.


  • Brand: Cadence
  • Grip Type: Split
  • Material: Eva
  • Series: CR7
  • Tension Level: 6 pounds
  • Colour: Black, Blue
  • Sport: ‎Fishing
  • Length: 6.8 Feet
  • Height: ‎0.2 Feet
  • Item Weight: 50 g


  • Stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Premium grade cork
  • SiC inserts
  • EVA handles
  • Strength and sensitivity
  • Made of 40 ton carbon
  • 2 handle configurations
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Carbon wrap
  • Split grip and full grip
  • Premium rod
  • Best quality and design


  • Tiny eye holes at the tip
  • Durability is not up to the mark

2. AKDSteel Fishing Rods Lightweight Portable Casting Rods

Overview: The AKDSteel Fishing Rods are 65 inches long, and the silver straight handle conforms to the radius of the human hand, making the fishing rod feel fantastic. This cheap and best fishing rod in India is built to extremely stringent quality control standards, it has a stable and excellent performance. It costs INR 6,362.


  • Brand: AKDSteel
  • Material: Ceramic, Carbon Fibre
  • Colour: Silver
  • Straight Handle
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Handle Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Item Weight: 136 g
  • 71 inch ML Fishing Tackle
  • Rod length: 65 Inches
  • Load bearing capacity: 6 Kg


  • Telescopic fishing Rod
  • Large Ceramic Guide Ring
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Maximum Load-Bearing
  • Quality Control Standards
  • Stable
  • Portable Casting Rods
  • High-Density Carbon Fiber
  • Comfortable and Non slip handle


  • Handle makes sound

3. PLUSINNO Elite Hunter 7FT Fishing Rod

Overview: PLUSINNO blank fishing rods. All Elite Hunter Select fishing rods are built using IM6 Carbon matrix technology blanks, which provide exceptional performance, sensitivity, and power. The carbon split grip and complete grip with a non-slip EVA & Cork Handle are designed to provide a superior rod at a lower price than the competitors. It costs INR 5,161.


  • Brand: PLUSINNO
  • Grip Type: Split
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Handle: EVA & Cork
  • 7FT-Spinning Rod
  • MH Power-MHS
  • Fishing Technique: Casting, Spinning
  • Item Weight: 159 g


  • Sensitive and Strong
  • IM6 Carbon matrix technology
  • Incredible performance
  • Non-slip EVA
  • Super Smooth Power
  • Ceramic inserts
  • Reinforced reel seat
  • Smooth and durable
  • Avoids line sticking
  • Minimizes friction
  • Plastic reel seat
  • Double locking structure
  • Easily assemble and disassemble
  • Non-slip cork handle


  • Assembling takes times
  • Fishing rod is not ideal for beginners due to the large number of moving parts.

4. GlobalNiche 1pc Portable Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod

Overview: This best fishing rod on Amazon. This rod may be best for you based on your needs. It is the best due to its simplicity and adaptability. This best carbon fibre fishing rods in India with strong performance comes with a decent variety of action, power, and construction. It is constructed of graphite fibre, which makes it long-lasting. Aside from durability, it can withstand greater stress rates without issue. It costs INR 7,259.


  • Brand: Generic
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Colour: Brown and Black
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Handle Material: EVA
  • Item Weight: 110 g


  • Good quality
  • Suitable to use
  • Proper Packaging
  • Portable and light
  • Exquisite handle
  • Soft pattern
  • Attractive
  • Comfortable
  • High performance
  • Good gift for fishing enthusiasts


  • No warranty on product
  • Hard to assemble

5. Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod / Fishing Rod

Overview: Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod is the best composite fishing rods in India for anglers of all ages and levels of expertise. It is the top 5 best fishing rod companies in India. Made to be dependable and long-lasting. It has been proven to be simple to use and of great quality. Graphite composite rods with ultra-light actions and optimum lightness. It costs INR 11,255.


  • Color: ‎Multicolour
  • Length: 7 Feet
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Handle Material: Cork
  • Material Type: ‎Stainless Steel
  • Power Rating: ‎Ultra Light
  • Size: 7-Feet/Ultra-Light
  • Manufacturer: ‎Pure Fishing
  • Item Weight: 340 g


  • Anglers of all ages
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Graphite composite rods
  • Perfect light
  • Ultra-light actions
  • Full cork handles
  • Conventional reel seat
  • Cushioned hoods
  • Stainless Steel guides and inserts


  • Break easily
  • Does not exert a strong grip on the twig

6. Goture Travel Fishing Rods

Overview:  Goture Travel Fishing Rods is the best rod for river fishing in India that has a corrosion-resistant guide with ceramic inserts that are precisely placed for almost friction-free line flow and optimal casting performance. The 10 best fishing rod in India  reel seats are composed of high-quality ABS plastic, and the EVA split grips are comfortable all day.  It costs INR 10,287.


  • Brand: Goture
  • Grip Type: Split
  • Material: Carbon, Ceramic, Carbon Fiber
  • Colour: Spinning Rods
  • Fishing Technique: Casting, Spinning
  • Outer Material: ‎Carbon
  • Size: 8′
  • Style: ‎A: Spinning/8′-MF/MH-4pcs
  • EVA split grip
  • Item Weight: 612 g


  • 30-Ton carbon matrix
  • Rod sensitivity
  • Strength and power
  • Very lightweight
  • Feels well balanced
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Perfectly spaced
  • Virtually friction-free
  • Maximum casting performance
  • ABS real seat
  • Comfortable
  • Wear resistant
  • Durable
  • Highly strength
  • Portable


  • Small size
  • Not much strong

7. Berkley Shock Casting Fishing Rod

Overview: The best lure fishing rod in India, Berkley Shock Casting Fishing Rod features a shock-absorbing tip designed to compensate for the lack of elasticity when using braided lines. It is the best fishing pole in India made of stainless steel with titanium oxide inlays that are resistant to line grooving and cracking. It costs INR 10,210.


  • Brand: Berkley
  • Tension Level: 20 pounds
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Length: ‎6.5 Feet
  • Style: ‎6′ 6″
  • Medium Heavy
  • Rod power: Medium heavy
  • Rod action : Moderate Fast
  • Generic Name: Fishing Rod
  • Weight: 254 g


  • Shock-absorbing tip
  • Stainless Steel
  • Resistant to line grooving and cracking
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Textured rubber
  • Comfort
  • Better grip
  • Integrated reel seat


  • No Spare Spool

8. Ghosthorn Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Overview: This foldable fishing rod and reel combination comes highly recommended by fisherman and includes 1 x Telescopic Fishing Rod, 1 – Aluminum Spinning Fishing Reel, 1 x Fishing Line, 1 x Carry Bag, Various Fishing Lure Baits, and Fishing Hooks. Ghosthorn strives to provide the best lake fishing rod and reel combo in India with higher-value fishing rod kits that include everything you need to get started! It costs INR 18,478.


  • Brand: ‎Ghosthorn       
  • Color: Multiolor          ‎
  • Full Kit with Carrier Case
  • Size: ‎2.4M
  • Folded up to: 16.3 inches
  • Handle: EVA
  • Max drag: 34.3 Lbs
  • Length: 7.87FT           
  • Skill Level: ‎Beginner
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 90 g
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • 30 days no-hassle refund/return


  • Collapsible
  • Lure Baits
  • Fishing Hooks
  • Premium Telescopic Rod
  • High-density carbon fibre
  • Fiberglass
  • High-end telescoping
  • Amazingly flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Optimal grip
  • Strong metal guide rings
  • Ultra-smooth performance
  • Compact for travel
  •  Portable


  • Require extra maintenance

9. Wild Water Fly Fishing Deluxe Complete Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Overview: Wild Water Fly Fishing is 3/4 weight, 9′, 4 pieces, slow action, and made of IM8 graphite. A best fishing rod and reel in India machined aluminum reel seat with double lock rings and a laser-cut butt cap, a 7″ long Western-style cork handle with compressed cork accent rings, a stainless steel stripper guide with silicon carbide rings, and stainless single foot guides are included. It costs INR 19,128.


  • Brand: Wild Water
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Fishing Technique: Fly
  • Hand Orientation: Left
  • Weight: ‎2.6 Pounds
  • Number of Pieces: ‎4
  • Sport: Fishing
  • Generic Name: Fly fishing kit
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 110 g


  • IM8 Graphite Matte
  • Easier casting
  • Western-style cork handle
  • Stainless steel stripper
  • Silicon carbide guide ring
  • Hard tube rod case
  • Reel pouch
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Adjustable disc drag
  • Custom foam design
  • Waterproof
  • Gold ribbed hare’s ear
  • Sturdy
  • High quality cork grip


  • Fishing rod is bit heavier

10. KINGSWELL Telescopic Fishing Rod

Overview: This appears to be the best travel fishing rod in India for practically all types of fishermen. This spinning fishing rod was introduced by KINGSWELL Telescopic Fishing Rod to serve you in agricultural ponds, capturing trout, inshore waterways, and many other places. Its distinguishing elements, such as the reel seat design and modern technology, make it stand out. It costs INR 14,048.


  • Brand: Kingswell
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Length: ‎6.8 Feet
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Item Weight: 318 g


  • High quality
  • Premium carbon fiber
  • Heavy duty metal
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Collapsed length
  • Floating guide ring
  • Maximizes casting distance
  • Hook keeper
  • Easy to use
  • Fast Action
  • Provides strength


  • No warranty on the product
  • No locking system

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is best fishing rod in India?

Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod / Fishing Rod  is best fishing rod in India.

Which brand of fishing rod is best?

Wild Water Fly Fishing Deluxe Complete Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo fishing rod is the best brand.

What fishing rod is best?

Ghosthorn Fishing Rod and Reel Combo fishing rod is best.

What are the 3 types of fishing rods?

  • Bamboo
  • Fiberglass
  • Graphite

What is fishing stick called?

In another word fishing stick called fishing pole or fishing rod or spinning rod.

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