Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Launched in India

Noise, an Indian audio and wearable accessories company, has announced the release of its first pair of smart eyeglasses. TheNoise i1 smart glasses feature wireless music streaming, access to voice assistants through smartphones, and wireless calling, making them the best smart glasses product. The brand built Noise i1 smart eyewear to provide the purest tech experience to everyone searching for the best-in-class audio experience. Noise, on the other hand, is selling its first smart glasses as a low-cost option that can accomplish everything that more costly options from other manufacturers can do, and it is also manufactured in India. The smart glasses are available in two lens shapes: i1 square and i1 round. Continue reading to learn more about the Noise i1 features and pricing.

Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Specifications

Noise i1 smart glasses is the Indian brand’s first pair of smart eyewear with a guided audio design to ensure appropriate music flow. Furthermore, it eliminates ambient noise. The Noise smart glasses have a new guided audio design that directs music directly into your ears. The design also attempts to filter out background noise, allowing you to focus entirely on the music. On a single charge, the gadget provides over 9 hours of gameplay. It has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, which ensures that your eyewear connects to your phone as soon as the hinges are unlocked.

The gadget has a connection range of up to 10 metres and is rated to last 120 minutes on a 15-minute charge. The noise smart glasses also have multi-functional touch controls that allow users to accept and reject calls, regulate music, and use the voice assistant. Noise says that the smart glasses have a “directed audio design” and can “filter out noise” from the environment. The smart glasses also have 16.2mm speaker drivers and support AAC and SBC audio codecs.

The smart glasses also have multi-functional touch controls that allow users to accept and reject calls, regulate music, and use the voice assistant. It is a full solution that includes UVA/B 99 percent sun ray protection in sunglasses lenses as well as interchangeable blue light filtering transparent lenses for minimizing eye strain and giving clear vision when using computers, mobile etc.

The cutting-edge smart eyewear has IPX4 ingress protection, making it resistant to water splashes. This feature will complement the active, outdoor lifestyle because users may carry it without concern of becoming wet. It includes built-in voice assistants such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Pricing and Availability

The Noise i1 smart eyewear price in India is Rs. 5,999 on the company’s official website. As previously stated, buyers may purchase the product in two models: one with Square lenses and one with Round lenses. Buyers may purchase the limited edition smartphone via Noise’s official website, but there are no specifics on its availability through multi-brand shops or e-commerce sites. The smart glasses are now available for purchase. The smart glasses are available in the trendy black colour.

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