Logitech G413 SE Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Looking for a keyboard that provides full gaming fundamentals at a reasonable price? Have no fear as Logitech has your back as it launches its G413 SE Logitech mechanical keyboard in India. Logitech G, a Logitech brand that is a major developer of gaming technologies and gear, has released its best version of the Logitech G413 SE India Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Logitech G413 TKL (Tenkeyless) SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  These new keyboards, designed for precision and performance, have gaming-grade mechanical switches and incredibly durable PBT keycaps that are resistant to wear, fade, and shine.

Tactile Mechanical Switches are used in the Logitech G413 carbon mechanical keyboard to provide uncompromising performance and noticeable actuation for gamers who seek direct feedback.  The signature features of the Logitech G413 SE stay the same regardless of the version you choose. So let’s go straight into what makes this keyboard interesting.

Features offered by Logitech G413 SE Gaming Keyboard

Both G413 TKL SE mechanical gaming keyboardand G413 SE mechanical gaming keyboards feature solid mechanical switches, which give a detectable feeling for gamers who prefer direct feedback. The keyboard’s backbone is a black-brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy top casing with white LED illumination, resulting in a basic look matched with features that make this keyboard a best gaming keyboards for gamers. Furthermore, the keyboards use PBT keycaps that are created with high-quality materials and are heat- and wear-resistant, making them one of the most durable PBT keycaps on the market.

The gaming keyboards were designed to provide reliable key input in comparison to other non-gaming mechanical keyboards, with the addition of six-key rollover anti-ghosting performance, which means multiple keys can be pressed simultaneously and all register at the same time to trigger a special game move. The robust mechanical G413 SE Switches are the most noticeable difference between this keyboard and a cheap pack-in keyboard. These are the “clicky” keys that many gamers like for their dependability, speed, and precision. They’re comfortable to type on, with enough resistance to prevent your fingers from accidentally triggering a keypress.

There are several more built-in features that enhance the gaming experience. A separate media control allows players to effortlessly play, stop, and mute media. You can also personalize the key layout by swapping out the standard 12-facet keycaps with different keys, and a special game mode may deactivate certain non-essential keys (like the Windows key) to minimize unintentional disturbance while gaming.

Pricing of Logitech G413 SE Gaming Keyboard

You can’t go wrong with the G413 TKL SE if you want a solid mechanical gaming keyboard at a low price. It’s compact enough to travel with or hot-swap with your regular workhorse. The Logitech G413 TKL SE is priced competitively for a mechanical gaming keyboard from this premium Logitech G brand at INR 5,495 while the full-size model with keypad – Logitech G413 SE will cost INR 6,723. You can buy the keyboards from almost all leading online retailers such as Amazon India and these are available offline as well.

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