Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone ATND1061 From Audio Technica

Audio-Technica has introduced the ATND1061 Beamforming Ceiling Array microphone, which, as the name implies, can be hung from the ceiling. The newly released microphone may be used singly or in groups to record clear natural audio from numerous speakers while eliminating surrounding noise. The microphone, which is about the size of a wireless router, is intended for use in conference rooms, board rooms, and other meeting spaces.

The ATND1061 beamforming microphone array is an excellent choice for big and small conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting spaces. The ATND1061 a cutting-edge professional product around the size of a wireless access point, is simple to install, configure, and use.

Features and Specifications of Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone ATND1061

The ATND1061 is compatible with the AT Digital Microphone Manager App, which makes room layout, zone setup, and other settings a breeze. The ATND1061 has six independent output channels that can be set with up to 32 user-defined microphone pickup zones, allowing it to handle a broad range of room sizes and meeting styles. The microphone’s 90-degree orthogonal beams may focus on a specific spatial point across all output channels, eliminating unwanted noise pickup.

The ATND1061 features exclusive vocal activity detection (VAD) technology. The VAD technology allows the microphone to distinguish between a voice and background noise. The ATND1061 includes sophisticated onboard DSP for installations without external digital signal processing (DSP), including automix, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), noise reduction, automatic gain control (AGC), and four-band EQ. Exclusion zones can be defined to exclude known sources of undesirable noise, maximising the efficacy of the built-in noise-reduction and automatic-mixing functionalities. Custom room coverage and optimal signal flow across the room are made possible by user-defined “Coverage Zones” and “Priority Zones.”

Set up output Channel 1 to have 16 user-defined Coverage Zones. The beam will track the speaker’s speech and keep the microphone focused on it, reducing ambient noise. Only one of the 16 Coverage Zones can be active at any given moment, with the microphone picking the zone with the strongest signal detected as speech. Output Channels 2-6 may be configured using 16 user-defined Priority Zones, which take precedence over Coverage Zones. A maximum of five Priority Zones can be active at any given time. When a muting capability is not accessible in the room setup, the integrated IR remote allows users to rapidly silence the microphone. The IR Remote allows the user to remember presets and turn on and off the Power Save Mode.

The ATND1061 may be flush- or surface-mounted in a drop ceiling or hard ceiling, or mounted using a conventional VESA mount in open architectural areas. The unit’s low-reflective white finish complements most ceiling tiles. The microphone includes safety wire, mounting hardware, and other accessories. The ATND1061 has two network ports and may be configured to meet any installation need. The ATND1061 is powered by a network PoE. Plug-ins for major control systems are available.

Pricing and Availbility of Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone ATND1061

The Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone ATND1061 costs Rs. 4 lacs approx. and is available for purchase through Audio Technica’s online shop.

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