Top 10 water purifiers in India 2022 : In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide.

A water purifier is a basic machine for a healthy life and is a necessity in most of the homes. The correct features according to your requirements and budget should be full-filled by the water purifier. It may sound dangerous, but most water supplies from local water sources are left untreated and are directly supplied to our homes and offices. When tested in the lab, the test revealed that the water contained bacteria and viruses. This may cause water borne diseases.

Considering the problems in the quality of the water, this is an intelligent move to invest in good water purifier and to be on a safe side. The water purifier not only removes all types of harmful contents from the water and retails its essential minerals and vitamins to make the water safe for consumption.

When it comes to purchasing a new water purifier, there are many important characteristics to look for.

  • Water Quality
  • Daily Usage
  • Capacity
  • Power Consumption
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Technology
  • Maintenance Cost

In this article, we will be sharing the list of the best water purifier brands in India with extensive range of brands available. Read on this article to choose the best water purifier best suited for you and your family.

 Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India 2022

1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard AURA RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier | Capacity 7 Litres | INR 23,000

Overview  – This water purifier has 8 stages of purification with active copper technology with a copper cartridge. It comes with unique UV e-boiling technology and has advanced mineral guard technology. This filter has 1 year of warranty. It can deliver optimum purification as it has dual RO+UV technology. This purifier is built to purify water from various sources. The costs of this purifier is INR 23,000. This water purifier comes under top 10 water purifiers in India 2022.


  • It has Advanced Taste Adjuster (MTDS).
  • The input water temperature is between 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.


  • It has compact design and modern looks.
  • It has a high storage capacity of 7L.
  • The power consumption is only 45W


  • It removes all the organic, inorganic, types of substances but is unable to purify the dissolved salts which counts for TDS.

2. KENT Grand 8L New-11119 RO+UF+TDS | Capacity 8 Litres | INR 17,000

Overview – This water purifier comes with UV LED Light in the storage tank. This is a RO water purifier which makes use of RO+UF+TDS controls to make water 100% hygienic and safe to drink. It can retain the natural minerals in the water. This water purifier can be used to purify water of home/offices/tap water, etc. The purification production rate of this filter is 20L/hr and it can be mounted on the wall. The total power consumption of this purifier is 60W. The storage capacity is around 8 liters. It costs INR 17,000. It comes under top 10 water purifiers in India 2022.


  • It has double purification system.
  • It has automatic water level sensor with ON/OFF option.


  • It has 1 year warranty + 3 years Extended Service Free.
  • It is NSF & WQA-USA certified.
  • The power consumption is only 60W


  • It takes 3.5 times of water than it filters.

3. LG WW140NPR RO+UV+Mineral Booster | Capacity 8 Litres | INR 17,590

Overview – This water purifier come with dual protection airtight stainless steel tank and has multi-stage RO filtration. This purifier also has mineral booster (Ca & Mg). It has true RO filtration and has digital sterilizing care. The water storage tanks have 94.4% less E.Coli growth in less than 24 hours when compared to plastic tanks. It provides the filtration of water in 3 easy steps. It costs INR 17,590. It is the best water purifiers in India for home.


  • It has good build quality and the purified water tastes good.
  • 10 years warranty on stainless steel tank.


  • The storage capacity of this filter is 8 liters and it can be wall mounted.
  • The power consumption is only 40W


  • The annual maintenance cost is too high.

4. V-GUARD ZENORA RO+UV+MB | Capacity 7 Litres | INR 15,949

Overview – This water purifier is designed and build to last long India’s tough and harsh water conditions. It has a multi-stage purification process with unique mineral balancer for water that is 100% pure and which also tastes good. This purifier has 8 stages of purification. It perfectly treats water with TDS up to 2000ppm. This filter comes with a capacity of a 7L storage tank. The design has world class-RO membrane with an effective multi-stage pre-and post-treatment which eliminates the impurities which are commonly found in Indian water supplies. It is the top water purifier in India to buy it costs only INR 15,949.


  • It has LED Indicators.
  • It has Next Generation UV Chamber.


  • The maintenance cost is low.
  • It is highly energy efficient.
  • The power consumption is only 48W.


  • A bit noisy.

5. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF | Capacity 7 Litres | INR 13,900

Overview – This water purifier comes with triple layered RO+UV+UF protection. It has Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) and it has compact and modern looks. It has Copper impregnated active carbon with a 7-stage purification process. It has a child lock function. This water purifier has Super Fine Sediment Filter and a high purification capacity. It has UV fail alert and it has a large capacity 10-inch filter. The cost of this purifier is INR 13,900. This water purifier comes under the top 10 RO water purifiers in India 2022.


  • It has UV lamp with Tank Full Indicator.
  • The length of the power cord is 1.5 meters.


  • The reservoir capacity is of 7.0 liters.
  • The power consumption is only 36W.


  • The flow rate of water is bit slow.

6. Hindustan Unilever Pureit Advanced Max Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP  | Capacity 6 Litres | INR 19,450

Overview – This water purifier comes with superior RO purification technology which reduces the maintenance cost and it also increases the life of filter by 2 times. The filter has a long life of 6000 litres rather than the standard filter life of 3000 liters. It has 7 stage purification process. The flow rate of this filter is around 20 liters/hour. It comes with thin-film composite spiral wound membrane type which make the purification effective. The power cord length is 1.5 meters. It costs INR 19,450. It is the best water purifier in India Quora.


  • It has a Double Purity lock feature which guarantees safe and sweet water.
  • It has a water level indicator.
  • 100 percent RO purified water.


  • It has smart power mode.
  • It has a mineral cartridge that adds minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.
  • The power consumption is only 55W


  • Don’t have child lock.

7. Proven Alkaline + ORP with Active Copper + RO + UV + UF +TDS Controller/Adjuster | Capacity 12 Litres | INR 5,899

Overview – This water purifier comes with a storage tank of 12 liter which is best suitable for homes and offices. This product is made in India. It has a TDS controller with Active Copper Filter Technology Purification System. It maintains the PH levels of water and makes the water taste better. 100 GPD Booster Pump has been used of high quality and it has Imported 100 GPD RO membrane.. It can work up to 1500 TDS Filtration Limit. It has ABS Food Grade Plastic which ensures the hygiene of the storage tank. It costs INR 5,899. It also comes under the top water purifiers in India.


  • It has LED UV Protection.
  • Copper alkaline filter technology is used.


  • It has 12 stage filter cartridges.
  • It has 1-year warranty on the electrical parts.
  • The power consumption is only 48W.


  • The built quality is just average.

8. Mi Smart Water Purifier RO + UV MRB13 | Capacity 7 Litres | INR 12,999

Overview – This is a smart water purifier from Mi. It comes with 5 Penta Purification Process and has In-Tank UV Sterilization. The filter used is replaceable and the purifier has overall connectivity with the Mi Smart App. The capacity of this water purifier is 7L and is easy to clean. It has an integrated TDS Monitoring System with Auto Water Level Detector. The filter life is up to 12 months. The RO purification accuracy is of 0.0001 microns. The company claims that the filter can be replaced individually in under 30 seconds. The efficiency of the UV Sterilization is 99.99% as claimed by Mi. This water purifier has passed and tested as per various Indian Standards. The cost of this purifier is INR 12,999. It comes under the best water purifiers in India 2022.


  • It has Class II Anti-shock Protection.


  • It has an environment-friendly design.
  • The storage tank is made with the approved materials of Food and Drug Administration (USA).
  • The power consumption is only 42W.


  • Only for Local tap water.

9. Livpure Zinger Hot Water Purifier RO+UV+UF Purification Technology | Capacity 6.5 Litres | INR 21,770

Overview – This water purifier has RO+UV+UF Purification technology with in-tank UV Sterilization. This water purifier saves up to 20,000L water as claimed by Livpure. This water purifier provides an instant and constant hot water supply as per your requirement. HR membrane has been used for hot water purification. It also has an inbuilt Copper 29 cartridge that adds the properties of copper and provides healthy water to drink. This purifier has a compact and sleek design. This water purifier is best suited for TDS levels up to 1500. The filter can best purify the water from tap, borewell or tanker water. It costs INR 21,770. It is also the best water purifier in India for Home.


  • It has 6-stage filtration.
  • It also has an interactive touch display.


  • ABS Food Grade Plastic is used as body material.
  • It can work up to RO 2000 TDS membrane.
  • The power consumption is only 25W.


  • Slightly expensive.

10. Faber C-GUARD PLUS RO+ UV+ MAT+ VITAMIN C | Capacity 7 Litres | INR 20,990

Overview – This water purifier comes with a storage tank of 7L with total 8 stages of purification. It has integrated smart LED indicators. It is the world’s first-ever Vitamin C fortified RO water purifier as claimed by Faber. It has PH wellness enhancer with water having alkaline water benefits. It costs INR 20,990. It comes under the top 10 water purifiers in India 2022.


  • It has a sediment filter of 5 microns.
  • It has a heavy-duty RO membrane.


  • It has a UV lamp which ensures hygiene.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • The quality of the body material is just average.

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the No1. Water purifier in India?

Aquaguard AURA RO+UV+MTDSis the No1. Water purifier in India.

Which brand water purifier is best in India?

Aquaguard  brand water purifier is best in India. However, you can also consider brands like Kent, Pureit, Blue Star, etc. These companies also have a good reputation in the Indian market as well.

Which is the best RO water purifier in India 2021?

Blue Star AristoRO+UV+UFis the best RO water purifier in India 2021.

Which water is best for drinking?

Tap water is considered the most suitable and safe to drink.

Which Brand of RO water purifier is best?

All the brands discussed above in the article are the best water purifier. However, Pureit Advanced Max Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP brand makes the best RO water purifiers.

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