Top 10 Pillow Brands in India 2022: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide

Nothing can compare to the relief and coziness that comes from resting after a long hectic day. Even though you haven’t completed your tasks, the joy that comes from the soft mattress, duvet, and pillow is incomparable. You can’t compromise the quality of these things since they’ll comfort you in a cozy embrace after your long day. Thanks to the much-needed relaxation the pillow gives to your neck.

The best medicine to take at the end of each day is sleep. And for a perfect sleep night, the perfect bed siblings must be available. These include fitted sheets, duvets, mattresses, and a pillow, necessary! One must not compromise on these for an improved sleeping experience.

Choosing the perfect pillow is a compulsory factor to get a relaxing night’s sleep. However, finding the best pillow can be tricky at times. If you have the best mattress without a good pillow, you will always wake up with head and neck pain. So it’s ideal for getting a pillow from the best pillow brands.

This is where many people ask, ‘which pillow brand is the best pillow producer?’ and ‘which company pillow is best to buy from?’ With an incredible number of good pillow brands in India, finding the best brand pillows in India needs thorough research and critical decision strategy. In this article, you will find several things to consider when choosing any pillow brands in India.

If you’re confused about getting the best pillow, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to moderate all your confusion. So we handpicked the 10 top pillow brands in India to ease your shopping. For uncompromised quality, you can choose one out of India’s top 5 pillow brands on our list. Unlike some memory foam pillow brands in India, the best memory foam pillow brands in India would provide you with coziness and relaxation.

In this article, you’ll find some cervical pillow brands in India that you’ll like. But before we look at the 10 top pillow brands in India, let’s explore why you need a pillow and what to look for when buying one, so tag along with this page and read till the bottom!

Why Should i buy this?

Having the best bed pillows isn’t just comforting; they have a significant effect in supporting the complex structures of the spine, hips, shoulders, neck, and head. When utilized properly, pillows aid in preventing or alleviating many common types of neck and back pain, including hip, shoulder, and other kinds of joint pain.

Pillows help align the upper body during sleep, counterbalancing the joints and relieving pressure in the body. It’s important to adjust the pillow to suit one’s unique curves, shape, and sleeping posture and relieve any pressure areas. These are most of the reasons you should buy a pillow. Although there are more, let’s see other reasons you should get a pillow.

  • Pillow support is important for spine issues

Individuals with spinal conditions need the best support to help rest the spine comfortably. Restorative and sufficient sleep is the chance for the body to heal itself from the day’s physical, postural, and nervous hassles. Pillow cushions vary in their support level, and most feather or down pillows provide slight structural support in contrast with firmer-filled pillows. A research study evaluated the support offered by three different pillow types from some top pillow brands in India.

  • A feather pillow with 100% goose down
  • A contour-figured memory foam pillow with polyurethane
  • A roll-formed orthopedic pillow cushioned with polypropylene capsules

It was confirmed that the orthopedic pillow cushioned with polypropylene capsules was the perfect pillow for vertebral alignment. While making buying decisions from research results can be useful, personal comfort and needs should be the key factor of every buyer when choosing which product to buy. So in the case of choosing which pillow to buy, the decisive factor should gear towards your comfort and support.

  • Pillows improve sleep

Sleeping with the perfect pillow promotes a restful night’s sleep. The kind of pillow you sleep with can affect the quality of your sleep, and using the poor ones can lead to sleep loss and body pains. From stomach sleepers to side sleepers, a hand on the right pillow will give you sound sleep without any forms of neck, shoulder, and spinal pain.

Although most people prefer sleeping with no pillows for some reasons best known to them, not everyone can go free without pain when they wake up. The first issue they face is poor posture, and pillows help align the head with the neck and the backbone while sleeping. Sleep loss is prone to creep in if a person’s neck or spine is not in alignment.

  • Pillow relieves pressure

Sleeping with pillows relieves pressure points in people who sleep on their back or side. This way, it promotes the quality of sleep for the individual and prevents back and neck pain.

  • They alleviate symptoms of back pain

Using the pillow under your head relieves the symptoms of back pain. However, you can also place it under the lumbar region or legs to alleviate pressure and indorse spinal alignment.

If you suffer from spinal issues, you can soothe the discomfort with the right pillow. In India, some top pillow brands design pillows for different health conditions and sleeping positions. So no matter the kind of spinal disorder you have or your sleeping position, there is a pillow meant for it. If the memory foam pillows don’t suit your needs, you can easily go for another pillow like the polypropylene capsules.

Before we go into the best pillow brands in India, let’s check out what features to expect or look for before buying the pillows.

What features do I look for before buying?

Before buying a pillow, the features you need to look for depending mostly on your sleeping position. However, the important factors to rate the performance of the pillow you’re purchasing includes:

  • Simplicity of maintenance
  • Durability
  • Delicateness and Softness
  • Size and fill material
  • Safety and anti-allergen protocols
  • Affordability

Here are the things you need to consider before purchasing a pillow

  • Sleeping position

Your sleeping position defines which pillow to buy. Pillows for back sleepers vary from pillows for side sleepers because the two pillows provide different kinds of support. Back or neck problems is also a factor in knowing which kind of support you need. Getting the best pillow for your preferred sleeping posture can alleviate back and neck discomfort. Side sleepers require more support to align the head and neck with the body. If a side sleeper gets improper support, it’ll lead to shoulder pain. A mid-density pillow gives the neck support and removes strain from the shoulder, and this doesn’t overextend the neck sideways!

Back sleepers need slight support on their neck and head, and a too-dense pillow might push up their head and feasibly overextend their neck. However, a counter or low to medium density pillow can support their neck while keeping the body aligned. A low-density and soft pillow are perfect for stomach sleepers as it’s easy to arrange and prevent sideways overextension of the neck. As stomach sleepers lay on their stomach with their head sideways, these kinds of pillows remove strain from the neck and provide support with the body in alignment

  • Pillow Filling

Pillow filling determines how long your pillow lasts before flattening, how it holds your neck and head, and the kind of comfort it brings to your sleep. Types of pillow filling include polyester, feather, foam, down, and memory foam. Each comes with its type of support and comfort. Below are the common kinds of filling to ease your decision making towards choosing the best material:

– Down: luxurious and plush, down filling is the hotcake choice when looking for a comfy pillow. It is produced from the fine, soft down feathers of geese and ducks, which are moldable with enough give, enabling your neck and head to sink into the pillow. It is cost-friendly and hypoallergenic

– Memory foam: this is a kind of strong, moldable foam originated by NASA. Initially, it was made to promote safety in space travel, and since then, it has become a ménage preference in mattresses, pillows, etc. This molds to the exact shape of your body, providing custom support to alleviate pressure points. It’s mostly beneficial to side sleepers as the material, without difficulty, acclimatizes to give the ideal support level. Other kind of filling includes cotton and polyester. These are the most inexpensive and common pillow filling types. And there are replaceable once they get old.

  • Pillow firmness

Pillows have four levels of firmness. Soft; provides the sufficient give and the best for stomach and back sleepers, Medium Soft; slight give and ideal for side and back sleepers, Firm; provides good support and perfect for side sleepers, Very Firm; provides minimal give and ideal for relieving neck pain from side sleepers.

Once you have confirmed that the pillow you’re buying has these features, then you can go ahead. Furthermore, pillow sizes can be a factor in choosing the right pillow, so consider it, and you’ll easily find the best pillow you need.

These are the top 10 best pillow brands in India. Choose one from any of these and have a night of restful sleep. However, make sure you consider the earlier-mentioned factors before buying any of these pillows. Furthermore, let your comfort and support be your deciding factor.

Whether it’s nighttime or nap time, you’ve known all the best pillow brands in India! You need a comfortable sleep, and we’ve made things simple for you.

Top 10 Best pillow Brands in India 2022

1. Hush Orthopedic Standard Pillow

Overview – Known as one of India’s top preferences in recommended pillow brands, this sought-after pillow with Softex™ fiber fights lumps and equally distributes body and head weight. Hush orthopedic standard pillow costs INR 591 and provides premium significance to individuals seeking quality. Furthermore, it offers matchless comfort and promotes less body and neck strain. Indeed, this is one of the best brands pillow in India to purchase from.


  • It is made of Softex™ fiber
  • Evenly distributes body and head weight
  • It comes in attractive designs and colors
  • It is lightweight and cost-friendly


  • It boosts sleep quality
  • It provides relief from back pain with neck support
  • Perfect option for side sleepers


  • Not ideal for front sleepers

2. Springfit Super Fibre Pillow

Overview:- This innovative modern-day pillow made with suede best fabric is designed to give ideal ventilation. Springfit Super Fibre Pillow is breathable, anti-microbial, produced with ISO cozy fabrics and gelled microfibres. Costing INR 1,585, Springfit Super Fibre Pillow is one of the best pillow brands in India.


  • It has a comfort meter to measure the firmness or softness of the pillows
  • Comes with therapeutic properties
  • It has innovative designs
  • It lasts long and is made of gelled microfiber


  • It suits everyone’s need
  • It is portable in size
  • It is durable


  • It is pricey

3. NutriBuck™ Organic Buckwheat Cotton Pillow

Overview:- The buckwheat pillow is made of cotton fiber with buckwheat hulls fillings, and this filling type has been in existence for decades in Asian countries and Japan. It is the best option for your peaceful sleep because it provides adequate neck, back, and shoulders support while you’re sleeping. This is one of the top pillow brands in India with affordable pillows. It cost INR 1,650.


  • Comprises cotton fiber pillow with buckwheat hulls fillings
  • Features a zipper to help add or remove hulls for pillow adjustments
  • Airflow is done freely in and out of the pillow


  • Value for money
  • Provides comfort
  • Facilitates pain relief


  • It is not machine-wash friendly

4. Livpure Carbon Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Overview:- The pillow is skin friendly without harmful chemicals. It is anti-pollutant, protecting our form microbes and toxins. This is one of the top 5 pillow brands in India. Thanks to its easy airy and breathable design. Even at INR 1,099, the quality of this pillow cannot be compromised. If you are looking out for which pillow brand is the best, then this is the one.


  • Comes with a washable exterior case
  • It is anti-pollutant
  • Charcoal infused memory foam
  • Provides all-round support
  • Supports machine wash


  • It is affordable
  • Durable pillow
  • Worth the price


  • It quickly loses firmness

5. Wink & Nod Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Overview:- This carbon pillow has a washable and removable polyester fabric exterior case with a 100% poly jersey fabric interior case. It is filled with 1200 grams of pure Polyutherane foam permeated with activated charcoal, which aids capture and absorbing toxins, pathogens, and pollutants. Being one of the good pillow brands in India, costing INR 3,250, this pillow is durable.


  • Channels for easy airflow circulation.
  • Activated charcoal as a natural anti-pollution tonic
  • Comes with washable and detachable zipper-attached exterior cover
  • Made of poly blend fabric interior cover


  • It feels new and fresh
  • It is easy to use


  • Exterior case holds stain

6. Wakefit Free Extra Fiber Sleeping Pillow

Overview:- Direct from warehouse/factory, Wakefit Sleeping Pillow is the best brand pillows in India  with 200 GSM hollow fiber filling with extra fiber fill of 150g. It comes with 3 months warranty from Wakefit and has a portable size. It cost INR 423.


  • Light machine wash
  • Made of GSM spun polyester fabric
  • Comes with DIY height adjustment
  • Filled with 200 GSM hollow fiber


  • It is affordable
  • It is portable
  • Fast delivery


  • Hard for hand washing

7. Kurl-On Petalz Pillow

Overview: Kurl-On Petalz Pillow is one of the best memory foam pillow brands in India. Costing INR 1,424, this pillow is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. This pillow can support the neck and relieve body pains with a smart exterior cover and soft filling.


  • Comes with comfy microfiber fillings
  • The shell fabric quality is of down-proof fabric
  • The layer of the outer shell is made of cotton
  • Filled with 800 grams microfibre


  • It is portable
  • Hand wash and machine wash
  • It is durable
  • Worth the price


  • It is hard for hand washing

8. Sunday Delight Pillow

Overview:- This is a hotcake pillow for side sleepers, and it is completely fluffy, soft, and supportive. It is durable and provides comfort while enjoying your restful night’s sleep make it the best cervical pillow brands in India. It costs INR 1,199, yet worth the price.


  • Comes with easy-care, soft hypoallergenic design
  • Adjustable design to provide additional support for the spine, shoulders, and neck.
  • It is cozy and wrinkle-resistant, thanks to the wrinkle-repelling microfibers.
  • 50% extra filling for longevity
  • It is hypoallergenic and prevents dust mite invasion


  • It promotes your sleep
  • It doesn’t magnet dusts
  • It is durable and worth the price


  • It is only one color

9. Sleepwell Amaze Memory Pillow

Overview:- This state-of-the-art molded memory pillow from the top pillow brands in India distributes heaviness with a massaging impact, decreasing back and neck pain. Costing INR 2,299, it is worth the price with a hypoallergenic, breathable case.


  • Comes with neem fresche anti-microbial technology for dust prevention.
  • It is hypoallergenic and soothes breathing disorders
  • Auto adjustable design to suit your neck and head.
  • It is made of butter-soft memory foam


  • It is ideal for neck and back support
  • It provides enhanced comfort and improved durability
  • Support contour hugging


  • It is not hand washable

10. Recron Dr. Ortho Pillows

Overview:- Dr. Ortho Pillow is one of the top 5 pillow brands in India with an ideal pillow for spine and neck pain. It gives you a matchless sleep experience each night, and it is made of high-quality cover fabric to boost your sleep. It cost INR 999 yet has a durable and ergonomic design.


  • Comes with superior casing fabric
  • It is filled with anti-microbial fiber to prevent mites and dust
  • Come with unique design and packaging
  • Adapts to suit your neck and head weight


  • It offers optimum support to the neck, head, and spine
  • Available in different sizes
  • Best for stomach sleepers


  • The case retains dirt

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

Which pillow brand is the best?

Recron pillow brand is the best.

Which material pillow is best?

Synthetic or polyster pillows are commonly used in indian household.

Which pillows are best for neck pain?

Foam pillow are best for neck pain.

Which pillow is good for health?

Wool / Cotton / Buckwheat / Foam / Polyster pillows are good for health.

Which brand pillow is the best in India?

NutriBuck brand pillow is the best in India.

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