Top 10 Bedsheet Brands in India 2022: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide.

Good bed sheets are crucial for a good night’s sleep, so choose them thoughtfully from top bedsheet brands. Bedsheets can totally alter the appearance of your bedroom while also keeping you comfy all night. Because India has a thriving textile industry, you may discover a wide assortment of luxury and mid-priced sheets that are ideal for your house. Several companies are entering the bedsheet market, which may make it difficult for you to select the latest bedsheet brands in India.

This post article will discuss the top 10 bedsheet brands in India. It contains all pricing, quality, and feature information about the bedsheets. India is well-known for its diverse range of cultures and traditions. However, in order to preserve your physical health, you should not forget the necessity of sleep. That is why it is critical to invest in famous bedsheet brands in India, such as high thread count sheets, which are often ignored when it comes to bedroom decoration.

Bedsheets are made from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, bamboo, and even tencel, and they come in a variety of sizes, including the king, queen, and single. In India, you will find anything to your taste and desire, whether you want solid sheets or ones with gorgeous designs on them. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best bedsheet brands in India to quickly brighten up your bedroom!

Top 10 Best Bedsheet Brands in India 2022

1. Bombay Dyeing Bedsheet

Overview: Established through Nowrosjee Wadia in 1879 as a small operation of Indian spun cotton yarn-dyed by way of hand, Bombay Dyeing has now grown to be one of the most reputable and relied on brands within the United States. All merchandise includes our hallmark finish, extraordinary textures, targeted design to shape the modern-day developments, and best first-class which has been synonymous with Bombay Dyeing for over a century. Delivering the wager dressmaker merchandise at an incredible value for money has usually been their motto and specialty. It is rated as the top cotton bedsheet brand in India.


  • Fabric: – Cotton, MicroFiber, Polycotton & Polyester
  • Double, Single, Double King & Double Queen sizes
  • Offers Excessive-absorbency bedsheets
  • Do not shrink even after repeated washing.
  • Floral bedsheets, with geometric, checkered, or paisley prints.
  • Extensive range of choices in style, pattern, color, and material.
  • Bed sheets with polka dots or stripes are available.


  • Excessive-absorbency nature
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy to maintain bedsheets
  • Color Fade Resistant Quality
  • Higher thread count
  • Softer and more durable bed sheets
  • The balanced blend of polyester and cotton materials
  • Pretty Aesthetics design
  • Quality Comfort Guaranteed


  • Get wrinkled easily

2. Raymond Bedsheet

Overview: Raymond Limited the largest integrated producer of worsted fabric within the globe is a main Indian lifestyle textile and branded clothing organization with interests in engineering including documents power gear automobile-additives) FMCG and realty.  The Company was the Raymond Woolen mill during the year 1925 in the area around Thane creek.  The Company has its headquarters in Mumbai. It is ranked as the best cotton bedsheet brand in India.


  • Fabric: – Cotton, Poly Cotton
  • Pattern Type : – Abstract & Floral
  • Size: – Double, Full & Single
  • Great varieties in pastel sunglasses like lilac, olive green, and beige colors
  • Square and rectangular patterns in specific shades.


  • Latest Stripes designs.
  • Striped styles are generally an amalgamation of at least colors.
  • Shade combos for striped mattress sheets consist of orange-black, blue-purple, white-black, and crimson-purple.
  • Top-notch designs and affordability


  • Softness reduces after a few washes

3. Haus & Kinder Bedsheet

Overview: The haus & kinder Tropical Floral Bloom bed sheets are tender, comfortable, and suitable for all seasons. This double mattress sheet is crafted from cotton that has been combed to hold the most effective lengthy cotton fibers.  Dress up your bed with a huge color range of Tropical Floral Bloom bed sheets from haus & kinder. It is highly shrinkage and color resistant and comes under best bedsheet brands in India.


  • latest and trendy bed sheets style
  • single, double, king size, satin sizes
  • Offers kids bedsheets with all cool and modern printed designs
  • Made with 100% cotton fabric
  • truly made in India luxurious


  • Shrinkage Resistant Bed Sheets
  • Color Fade Resistant Bed Sheets
  • More designs with soft colors
  • Machine Washable lightweight bed sheets


  •  Colors are not as vibrant

4. Wakefit Bedsheet

Overview: Wakefit bed sheets are made from 100% cotton and are finished to give you great smoothness and incredible comfort. With a brand new range of pretty prints and neutral strong shades, bed sheets are prepared to make your bedroom a haven for more comfort, better design, and good quality sleep.  The breathable cotton fabric keeps your body cool even as you sleep, allowing the air to circulate through the fabric. It is rated as one of the famous bedsheet brands in India.


  • Best-selling durable bed sheets
  • Designs: Floral, geometric, soft pastels, bold hues
  • Wakefit bed sheets are made from100% cotton
  • Finest fabrics and ethereal prints
  • New range of pretty prints
  • Neutral  solid colors
  • Prints: Florals, geometric patterns, and strong colorings


  • Greater comfort, better design
  • Huge variety of colors
  • Bed sheets include elastic along the periphery
  • Available in a double size to your comfort
  • Unique Design Bedsheets
  • Made durable, Zero Shrinkage, and Breathable bed sheets
  • Thickness up to 9 inches


  • Don’t have more floral or printed bedsheets designs

5. D’decor Bedsheet

Overview: D’decor is a Mumbai-based upholstery and home textiles firm. Sanjay Arora, who is presently the Managing Director of the company, started it in 1999. The firm sells its wares to European and Middle Eastern nations, where it derives over 90% of its sales. With its superior product quality, the company has succeeded in establishing itself on the international textile industry map. They are the latest bedsheet brands in India for your house.


  • Bed sheets made with advanced soft-touch technology
  • Fabric: – Cotton, PolyCotton
  • New-age tencel fiber bedsheets
  • Abstract, Cartoon Characters, Conversational, Ethnic Motifs, Floral, Geometric, Graphic, Solid, Striped, and Typography are some of the patterns available.
  • Sizes included are double queen, double king, single, queen, and king.


  • Bed sheets prevent allergies and skin irritation
  • Made with organic fibers
  • Bed linen made from superior compact cotton
  • Resistant to both spills and stains.
  • Stain-resistant finish
  • Extraordinarily soft, light, and comfortable
  • Breathable and soft
  • discourages bacterial growth


  • Expensive

6. Divine Casa Bedsheet

Overview: Divine Casa is a fast expanding Indian home furnishing brand. It provides a wide variety of Home Textile Products Including Bed Linens, quilts & Comforters, Curtains, Cushion & Pillow Covers Etc. It has Long-lasting color fade resistant & Breathable 100% Pure Cotton Material. It has a wide range of Cotton Bed Sheets from the House of CTM Textile Mills, Ahmedabad. It is rated as the good bedsheet brand in India.


  • All-Season Comfort Bed Sheets
  • Bed sheets made with rotary screen printing technology.
  • Opulence and additional comfort
  • Fabric: – Cotton, Poly Cotton, Satin, Cotton Blend, Linen & Polyester
  • Pattern Type includes Abstract, Animal, Cartoon, Floral, Geometric, Motifs, Paisley, Polka, Printed, Self Design, Solid, Striped, Modern, Bordered & Checkered
  • Size included are Double, Single, king, Queen, Double King & Double XL


  • Long-lasting bed sheets
  • Expertly tailored attractive designs
  • Bed sheets made with pure cellulose fiber
  • High-Quality Printed Technology
  • Durable, breathable, and soft
  • All bed sheets are machine washable
  • Skin-Friendly and Durable
  • More Comfortable Sleeping Surface


  • Only non-chlorine bleach can be used

7. Trance Home Linen Bedsheet

Overview: This lovely bed set is elegantly fashioned with satin stripes on a white backdrop. It comes with one Flat Sheet, one Fitted Bed Sheet, and pillow covers made of 100% cotton with a satin weave for a glossy finish. It’s soft and sumptuous, with a striped design and a high thread count to keep you comfy. The combination of 210 and 60’s yarn produces a very smooth finish while also increasing durability. Trance Home Linen is one of the most comfortable bedsheet brands in India. The bedsheet has a thread count of 210 and is suitable for King-sized beds.


  • Elegant Color bed sheets with premium grade cotton
  • High-Quality bed sheets made from best-sourced fabrics
  • Offers products at affordable prices
  • Ethically source and manufactured
  • Entrenched in both online and offline platform
  • Provide materials with 100% cotton
  • Made with elastic sewn
  • Bold striped Pattern designs
  • All-Season Comfort bed sheets
  • Solid colored lined pattern


  • Comfortable and skin-friendly
  • Customize Products to meet requirements
  • Deep pockets to fit perfectly
  • Self-colored striped pattern designs
  • Mercerized with anti-pill processing
  • Elasticity stays up to 70+ washes
  • Fits nicely to mattresses up to 8 inches thick.
  • Maintains sheet softness, longevity


  • Too Slippery

8. Swayam Bedsheet

Overview: Elegantly styled, this lovely bed sheet set features a warm temperature for the winter season made in a polar fleece material. Swayam’s Thermaluxe Bed Sheet set curates the room decor with its vibrant sober colors and brings in a pinch of brighter contact Dive within the range of sober colors under great bedsheet units with Swayam’s Thermal Winter Bedsheet Collection. This fabric comes with a finish that is Microbe Repellent finish and rated under good bedsheets brands in India.


  • Fabric: – Cotton, Poly Cotton, Satin & Denim
  • Pattern Type are Abstract, Floral, Geometric, Motifs, Paisley, Plain, Printed, Solid & Striped
  • Size included are Double, Double King, Single, Full & Twin
  • Anti-bacterial polar fleece fabric
  • Solid Color pattern


  • No ironing required
  • Microbe Repellent finish and ultrasoft Feel bed sheets
  • Bed sheets are elasticated to ensure the sheet stays on the bed
  • Made with perfect temperature Control Technology
  • Breathable Knitted Polar Fleece Fabric
  • Vibrant color combinations


  • Color fades away in the sunlight

9. Huesland Bedsheet

Overview: Huesland (previously Ahmedabad Cotton) is a dependent on homegrown Indian bedding logo. They targeted the intersection of contemporary designs, fine, and affordability. The first-rate variety of mattress sheets in lovable colors and captivating designs will instantly lift up your mood. Crafted with happiness, the mattress sheet provides a soft and comfortable experience for your skin. It is ranked as the comfortable bed sheet brand in India.


  • Bedsheets in Vibrant colors and patterns.
  • Premium quality cotton bed sheets
  • Made exclusively using cotton fabrics
  • Features both minimalistic & maximalist designs
  • Covering different age groups
  • Different qualities and patterns for  homes to hotels
  • From working professionals to retirees, from rural to urban household
  • The best breathable fabric is used to beat the heat


  • No compromise on quality
  • Prevents rashes or skin irritation.
  • Soft and comfortable feel to your skin.
  • Long-lasting softness
  • Vibrant designs and lightweight
  • Highly comfortable in summer


  • Colors fade away after the first wash
  • The ends of the bedsheets are not elastic

10. Bella Casa Bedsheet

Overview:  Sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy with Bella Casa bedsheets.  Silky soft, most comfortable, and luxurious bed sheets you can find. Best for any room in your house – bedroom, guest room, kids’ room, RV, vacation home with its rich history of High-quality textiles, the bedsheets are resistant to tearing, shrinking, staining & Pilling! It is a well-known good bedsheet brand in India.


  • Absorbent nature
  • Superior Quality Cotton bed sheets
  • Most comfortable and luxurious bed sheets
  • Best for a kid’s bedroom.
  • Polycotton Bella Casa bedsheets are ideal
  • Attractive floral, striped, and solid prints.
  • Equipped and flatbed sheets.
  • Fitted bed sheets are designed to be neatly tucked into the 4 corners of a bed.


  • Colour fade resistant for all-season use
  • Tested for tear strength bed sheet
  • Long-lasting softness
  • Stitched to perfection
  • Silky soft and comfortable
  • Resistant to shrinking  and staining
  • Resistant to pilling
  • Seasons: All-Season
  • Machine washable


  • Gets crumbled easily

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best bedsheet brand in India?

Bombay dyeing is the best bedsheet brand in India.

Which place is famous for bedsheets in India?

Surat, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Solapur, Sanganer, Erode town(Tamilnadu)  is famous places for bedsheets in India.

Which bedsheet is the best?

Raymond bedsheet is the best.

Which cotton bedsheet is best?

Bombay dyeing cotton bedsheet is best.

Which bedsheet is best in India?

D’decor bedsheet is best in India.

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