Best Sanitary Pads in India 2022: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide.

Many women experience a lot of tension, pain, and discomfort throughout their menstrual cycle, therefore having the correct hygiene products is critical. Staining is a typical problem that most women have during their periods, and the only way to avoid it is to use the best sanitary pads in India. With its high absorption capacity, a decent pack of pads will keep you comfortable, prevent leaking, keep you dry, and allow you to conduct errands with ease.

 As a result, if you wish to utilize cheap and best sanitary pads in India to handle your periods without having any problems, this guide will come in handy.

If you are still unsure about selecting the best sanitary pad for your needs, you should read this definitive shopping advice on the subject. We will go over some important and significant issues that any girl should think about before purchasing any best sanitary pads in India 2022

Absorbent Power/Capacity: It is an important aspect to consider because absorbency is very important in menstrual hygiene. We only want to point out that you should always go with a greater absorbance choice.

Wet Feeling: To avoid becoming wet, pick a sanitary pad choice that keeps the flow away from the initial layer of the pad. Generally, high-quality sanitary pads or napkins keep absorbed liquids away from the top surface.

Thickness: When it comes to cotton sanitary pads in India, thickness is also a concern. Before purchasing any of them, you should evaluate their thickness. You don’t have to go with very thick napkins; in fact, thin napkins will give you a more casual feel.

Size: The size point is also related to the leakage difficulties. It’s because a bigger sanitary napkin or pad may cover more surface, which helps to reduce side leaks. We recommend that you get a slightly bigger size napkin or pad for menstrual hygiene.

Price: The cost of a standard or even good-quality sanitary pad is not prohibitively costly. Many sanitary pads manufacturers in India provide their products at relatively low prices.

 We’ve produced a list of some of the 10 best sanitary pads in India 2022 on the market in India.

Top 10 Best Sanitary Pads in India 2022  

1. Whisper Ultra Clean XL+

Overview: Whisper Ultra Clean provides the best hygienic protection available. It contains germ-lock technology that seals up to 100% of dampness, odor, and germs. It’s approximately 40% longer for longer-lasting protection so you can be worry-free during your periods. Its Dri-Weave Cover absorbs period blood in seconds and has a lovely aroma for all-day freshness and rated as one of the 10 best sanitary pads in India 2022. It costs INR 345.


  • Size: XL+
  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 50 count
  • Usage Type: Disposable
  • Ideal for: Regular Flow, Day usage
  • Odor neutralizing
  • Germ lock technology
  • Dual-action gel


  • Locks not only prevent moisture but also odors away.
  • Nearly 40% Longer for long-lasting coverage
  • Delightful scent for all-day freshness
  • Lock up to 100% of the wetness
  • Superior Protection
  • Cover made with DRI Weave that absorbs in seconds


  • Itching and discomfort feeling

2. Stayfree Secure XL Ultrathin

Overview: Stayfree Secure XL Ultra-thin is half the thickness of a standard sanitary pad and offers up to 100 percent fluid lock and is one of the top 10 best sanitary pads in India. This extra-large sanitary pad for women is flexible and conforms to your body with a superior adhesive mechanism, allowing you to stay secure and move freely even on period days. The Gel Locks technology absorbs and locks heavy flow into a gel. It also has a greater dry sensation and coverage than normal sanitary pads, as well as an odor control technology to keep you feeling fresh. It costs INR 184.


  • Size: XL
  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 40 count
  • Usage Type: Disposable
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • 100 percent fluid lock
  • Ultra-thin pads
  • Better coverage: 274 mm longer


  • 50% thinner
  • Designed for regular to heavy use
  • The dry cover provides an excellent dry feeling.
  • Extra protection from leaks
  • Odor control system
  • Individually packed pads
  • Gel lock technology controls the heavy flow
  • Easy to carry and dispose
  • The pad is flexible and perfectly fits your body


  • Very thin, hence not suitable for high flows

3. Sofy Anti Bacteria Extra Long

Overview: Sofy Antibacterial Extra Long is a deep absorbent sheet that prevents leakage and eliminates odor concerns. Its soft dry cover is kind to your skin. For long-term hygiene, the green sheet with natural substances provides up to 99.9 percent bacteria protection against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans. The soft dry cover is soothing on the skin and easy to wear. It costs INR 399.


  • Size: Extra Long 290mm
  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 54 count
  • Usage Type: Disposable
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Scent: Unscented
  • 99.9% antibacterial
  • Prevents leakage
  • Unique fragrance
  • Deep absorbent sheet


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Rash and itch-free
  • The pad is very soft and lightweight
  • Green sheet for bacteria protection
  •  Unique perfume tree fragrance
  •  Feel fresh and confident
  • Lasting comfort
  • All age groups should be able to wear it.
  • The cotton sheet that is gentle on the skin


  • Don’t provide complete coverage
  • A high-priced brand of sanitary pads

4. Azah Rash-Free Sanitary Pads (Organic Cotton Pads)

Overview: Every Azah pad has a super-absorbent core that can readily absorb up to 400ml of discharge without leaking, ensuring that you no longer have to worry about that damp, sticky sensation even during the heaviest of flows. The pad is manufactured in FDA-approved U.S. manufacturing facilities utilizing the highest quality materials and according to the toughest quality standards and is rated as the best organic pad in India.  It costs INR 475.


  • Size: XL
  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 40 count
  • Material: Cotton
  • Scent: Unscented
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Non toxic and rash free
  • Hypoallergic
  • 4X more absorption
  • Ultra soft cover
  • Breathable bottom


  • Offer maximum comfort with an a ultra-thin
  • Zero harmful chemicals
  • Extra absorbent & high-quality material
  • Superdry core
  • Australian allergy certified
  • Absorbs the heaviest flow
  • Prevents odorless
  • Irritation-free
  • Eco-friendly sanitary pads
  • Tested to be free from harmful chemicals


  • It does not maintain its form
  • The sticker part is a mess

5. Pee Safe Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

Overview: When it comes to women’s hygiene, we can’t talk about it without mentioning Pee Safe. Pee Safe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads, one of its products, exceeds expectations to be named the best organic sanitary pads in India. Despite the fact that the box only contains ten pads, Pee Safe relies on its manufacturing quality. The pads are made entirely of organic cotton and include a bamboo core. These are biodegradable pads, which adds to their eco-friendliness and solidifies their place among the best biodegradable sanitary pads in India. It costs INR 245.


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 10 count
  • Biodegradable Sanitary Pads
  • 280mm long Regular Pads
  • Provides full-day protection.
  • Bamboo Core
  • Leak-Proof
  • Chlorine free
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Optimum coverage


  • Pads start degrading in 18-24 months
  • FSC certified bamboo fiber
  • Extra leakage protection
  • Bamboo pulp is 300%
  • More absorbent and safer
  • Biodegradable product
  • Ensures no rashes
  • Environment-friendly
  • More economical option.
  • Resist irritations during the menstrual cycle


  • Cannot wear them with swimsuits
  • May slip sideways sometimes

6. Nua Sanitary Pads

Overview: Nua Sanitary Pads are the top 10 best sanitary pads in India because of a few characteristics. This product, which comes with 12 pads, provides both cleanliness and comfort in one package. These pads are produced toxin-free in order to promote comfort, and they are also rash-free due to the lack of print or scents in the top layer. Another feature of these pads is that they are leak-proof, making them one of the cheap and best sanitary pads in India. It costs INR 169.


  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 12 count
  • Material: Cotton
  • Toxin-Free
  • Rash-Free
  • Soft and Dry Surface
  • Leakage Proof
  • Odor Control
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Offers hygiene and comfort
  • No prints


  • Super-absorbent core
  • Wider backs for better coverage
  • Contains three different sized pads
  • Pads are chemical-free
  • Made Safe Certified
  • All ingredients are safe and healthy.
  • Avoids sticky, wet feeling
  • Cruelty free certified
  • Antibacterial pad
  • Ultra-thin sanitary pads
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Trusted by 1L+ women


  • May not be suitable for heavy flow
  • Lining may glide off from the surface

7. Carmesi Sensitive Sanitary Pads

Overview: Carmesi Sensitive Sanitary Pads contains a number of significant qualities that make it one of the 10 best sanitary pads in India 2022. This cushion is manufactured from a blend of natural materials, including bamboo and corn. These biodegradable pads are thin, incredibly soft, and chemical-free. It has to be on the list of the best sanitary pads in India for sensitive skin with such a natural and hygienic mix. It costs INR 531.


  • Size: XXL (360mm)
  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 30 count
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Material Feature: Cruelty Free
  • Plant-based Top-sheet
  • Incredibly Thin
  • Wide Wings
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Specially Designed for Sensitive Skin
  • Super absorbent material


  • Cotton Less
  • 100% rash-free period.
  • Thin And Extremely Soft
  • Biodegradable
  • Chlorine-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Toxin-Free
  • Plant-based composition
  • No harmful synthetics or chemicals
  • Fan-shaped wings for complete protection
  • Provide extra coverage
  • Come in three sizes


  • Chance of leakage during heavy flow

8. Sirona Biodegradable Black Sanitary Pads

Overview: Sirona’s Ultra-Thin & Natural Black Sanitary Pads are designed to break the monotony and give your period days a fresh twist! These are made using the best of nature’s gifts and include no hazardous chemicals or poisons. They are 100% bio-based, anti-bacterial, ultra-thin, breathable, and kind on your skin. It is one of the cheap and best sanitary pads in India. It costs INR 146.


  • Size: L (290mm)
  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 10 count
  • Scent: Unscented
  • It is super-absorbent
  • Rash-free
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Locks the period smell
  • Biodegrable
  • Curetly free


  • Ultra soft non woven fibre
  • Super absorbent
  • Thin yet cushiony comfort
  • Breatheble
  • Toxin free
  • Paraben free
  • Chlorine free
  • Gentle on skin
  • Anti bacterial
  • Wide coverage
  • Leak proof


  • Doesn’t stick properly

9. Plush Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads

Overview: Plush pads outperform ordinary pads in terms of dry felling and coverage. This sanitary pad is flexible, ultra-thin, extremely big, and very soft, and it is designed to fit your body. The pad features a unique cool-pad technology that provides you with a sense of coolness and freshness throughout your periods. This ultra-thin sanitary napkin includes a deep absorbent sheet that absorbs fluids all the way to the final layer and helps to keep the top sheet clean. It is the best sanitary pads in India with price INR 185.


  • Item Form: Pad
  • Net Quantity: 14 count
  • Material: Cotton
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Made With 100% pure U.S. Cotton
  • Rash free
  • Contains no artificial fragrances
  • Certifiably kinder to planet
  • Customised specifically for your cycle
  • Packaging made of recycled paper
  • Chlorine free


  • Ultra-soft cotton top sheet
  • Dermatoligically tested
  • Feather-like soft
  • All naturally absorbent
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Breathable
  • Reliable and ethically-sourced period care product
  • PETA and Cruelty-free certified
  • FSC approved
  • Chlorine free
  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free


  • Bit stiff, Not very flexible
  • Low sticking power

10. Bella Herbs Verbena

Overview: Bella Herbs Panty liner with Verbena Extracts is a thin absorbent pad that can be worn inside your underwear to absorb daily vaginal discharge, light period flow, and light spotting. These panty liners are the best organic sanitary pads in India because they include Verbena extracts, which are recognized for their anti-inflammatory effects. Bella Herbs is a European brand of sanitary napkins that are meant to deliver superior comfort through a few unique characteristics that are now accessible in India for the first time. It costs INR 189.


  • Item Form: Liner
  • Scent: Verbena
  • Shape: Regular
  • Net Quantity: 60 count
  • Transform liquid into gel
  • Enriched with the herbal extract
  • Anti – inflammatory properties
  • Softens irritations
  • Exceptionally soft cover
  • Odour stop protection
  • 1mm thick
  • Anti-fungal effect


  • Exceptionally gentle cover
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • 100% breathability
  • Magic Gel has a high absorbency and dryness rating
  • Aromatic with a fresh scent
  • Enriched with verbena extract
  • The Odour Stop technology protects against unwanted odors.
  • Helps to regulate menstrual cycle
  • Gentle lemon scent
  • Helps to fight pain
  • Neutralize unpleasant smell


  • It does not have wings
  • Not recommended for heavy periods.

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the No 1 sanitary pad in India?

Whisper Ultra Clean XL+ is the No 1 sanitary pad in India.

Which brand sanitary pads are best in India?

Whisper and Stayfree brand sanitary pads are best in India.

Which is the most selling sanitary pads in India?

Whisper is the most selling sanitary pads in India.

Which brand of pad is best?

Sofy brand of pad is best.

Which pad is best for heavy periods?

Azah Rash-Free Sanitary Pads is best for heavy periods.

Which pad is good for health?

Pee Safe Biodegradable Sanitary Pads is good for health.

What is the softest sanitary pad?

Carmesi Sensitive Sanitary Pads is the softest sanitary pad.

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