Best 5.1 Home Theater in India 2022: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide.

Points to keep in mind while purchasing a new Home Theater-

  • Check the connectivity ports and wire length of the system and match it with your TV and room.
  • Your TV should have either Bluetooth 4.2 (or higher) or AUX/RCA input for these systems to connect.
  • Do not expect Dolby decoding from any budget system, they will give you Stereo output best.
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Audio, DTS X are the best audio formats, but for taking the advantage of these formats you need the right system, correct placement of the speaker, and proper acoustic in your room for the Home Theater System.

Best 5.1 Home Theater in India 2022

1. F&D F6000X | 6500W PMPO | 5.1 Multimedia Speaker Set

Overview – This home theatre comes with a 6500 W PMPO or 123 W RMS audio output. The audio system has a dedicated 8-inch Subwoofer bass driver and a 1.5-inch Tweeter driver to reproduce low frequencies with resonant and booming sound. 5.1 Multimedia Speakers Set supports an elegant design with a shiny surface. The 8-inch Subwoofer has a heavy-duty metal grill that makes it durable and the four Satellite Speakers also bear metal grills and a shiny exterior. f&d 5.1 home theater price in India it costs INR 14,990. It is one of the best 5.1 home theatre systems in India.


  • It comes with 3″ full range driver for satellites and has a 8 inch powerful bass driver for subwoofer.
  • It has Plug & play USB/SD CARD reader and Class D amplifier for high efficient power design.
  • It also has Built in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for wide main operation voltage range.


  • It has Heavy duty metal grill for both satellite and subwoofer for more durability.
  • Advanced PLL Technology for FM radio, to bring superior reception to the sound.


  • It doesn’t support 5.1 digital audio with optical cable.

2. Sony HT-IV 300 | Home Cinema System with BLUETOOTH Technology | 5.1 Home Theater System | Power Output 1000W

Overview – This home theatre gas best digital audio with the S-Master digital amplifier. This system uses full digital signal path, the S-Master amplifier reproduces digital audio signals without the multiple analog stages which are required by conventional amplifiers. It has less distortion from heat build-up even at high power. It has the Digital Music Enhancer — a combination of three Sony audio technologies. It also has a Audio harmonic restoration, Dynamic Range Recovery and Advanced Auto Volume which work together to restore detail, enhance realism and prevent volume jumps between formats. The result is consistently good sound and has a maximum impact on dialogue, movies, and music. Sony home theatre 5.1 price in India it costs INR 28,990. It is one of the best 5.1 home theatre system in India 2022.


  • It has Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which connects to Bluetooth automatically.
  • It has the support of DTS-HD Master Audio, which let you enjoys the original, uncompressed soundtracks on your favourite Blu-ray Discs and streamed movies.


  • The unique Clear Audio+™ technology on the HT-IV300 simplifies the audio enjoyment. It automatically converts stereo audio into 5.1ch audio.
  • Two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output which can connect an Internet TV box, Blu-ray Disc  player, games console, and more.


  • On full volumes, it sometimes produces some distorted sounds.

3. F&D F5060X | 5.1 Multimedia Speaker Set

Overview – It comes with the latest Bluetooth version and can work at a distance of over 15 meters and offers a better connection. It has Special multi-colored LED lighting on the speaker that carries a colorful and beautiful world when enjoying music. It has a Remote Control with fluorescent buttons which can operate at a distance of over 10 meters making you easily control your speakers at any time. f&d 5.1 home theater price in India it costs INR 14,990. It is the best 5.1 home theatre systems in India.


  • It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 version has an operating range of 15 meters.
  • . It supports USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding.
  • The digital FM works on PLL technology.


  • Good clear sound with deep and powerful bass.
  • It can convert 2.1 sound to 5.1 sound.


  • Sometimes sound dust cover comes off.

4. Zebronics Zeb-BT6860RUCF | 5.1 Multimedia Speaker | Output Power 70W

Overview – It is an affordable 5.1 multimedia speaker that has a varieties  of options like BT/ USB, SD/MMC/AUX. The FM is in-build and it has a fully functional remote control. The total output power of this sound system is 70 Watts with a subwoofer of 40 Watts and five satellites of 6 Watts each. The frequency response is between 35Hz-20Hz. It costs INR 4,999. It comes under best home theatre 5.1 system in India.


  • It has BT function which LED display and it supports mp3 file format.
  • The power consumption is only 8 Watts which is good for electricity saving.


  • The 5.1 surround sound speaker offers a theatre-like aural experience in your living room or bedroom. 
  • It has wooden encloser for rich and deep bass.


  • The wires of the satellite speakers are not too long.

5. Sony HT-RT40 | Stylish 5.1ch Tall Boy Home Theater System | Power Output 600W

Overview – This speaker from Sony comes with a total power output of 600 watts for a good experience in movies, music and games with more impact. The five speakers and a subwoofer work together to deliver powerful, full-frequency sound. It has two full-range 65 mm driver units, with floor stands for perfect surround positioning. It has HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) that lets you connect to compatible TVs with a single cable, for easier control and fewer cables. Sony home theatre 5.1 price in India it costs INR 29,990. It is the best Sony Dolby digital home theatre 5.1 in India.


  • It has optical input for high quality sound in movies, music, etc.
  • It has the support of NFC and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity within seconds.


  • It has Colour-coded connections for an easy set-up.
  • Modern looks with great built quality.


  • Sound bar dominates over output and you have no controls to reduce the sound on sound bar.

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

Which 5.1 surround sound is the Best?

Sony’s Sound surround is the best in the category. It gives realistic experience while watching movies, listening music, etc.

Which brand home theatre is best in India?

Sony HT-IV300 home theatre is always best. So is the best brand of home theatre in India. The features provided are great with lots of connecting options with NFC.

Which company is better for Home Theatre?

Sony Company is better for home theatre in India.

Is a 5.1 surround sound worth it?

5.1 surround sounds is worth it if you want to listen clear and good sound quality for movies or music.

Is 5.1 or 7.1 better?

The 7.1 are better for large rooms and 5.1 are better for small rooms. The 7.1 speakers provide deeper sound than 5.1 systems.

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