Top 10 Maternity Clothing Brands for Moms to be in India 2022: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide.

The quest for comfortable and soft maternity clothing may be a little stressful during pregnancy. Pregnancy is probably one of the best times in the life of a female. Along with the baby, it may bring health concerns like nausea.

Due to the constant increase in shape and size, female does not fit into the existing clothes. Hence, to make herself comfortable, she must find maternity clothing that best suits her body shape and size during pregnancy.

Maternity clothing costs for moms to be in India may be very reasonable and economical. One should do proper research to find the brands with the most affordable maternity clothing prices for moms to be in India. Following points are to be considered when buying 2022 maternity clothing for you as a mom. You have to check those features to determine what stores have good maternity clothes:

  • Simplicity: You should make sure that when you shop for maternity clothing, you should stick to the basics to look casual and professional. They may include a pair of leggings, jeans, and basic tops.
  • Stretchability: You should pick out those clothing that is expendable and stretchable so that you don’t have to buy another pair of jeans or shirts after several weeks as your size grows.
  • Comfortability: As described above, uncomfortable and tight-fitting clothes may be risky during pregnancy. They may cause discomfort and pain that reduce blood circulation and sometimes yeast infection.
  • Fabric: Maternity clothing should be manufactured with high-quality fabrics in which natural fibers are of rich content. During pregnancy, the skin may become dry and flaky; hence, there is no sufficient space for the air to pass through in artificial fabric clothes. The skin may not breathe properly, which will aggravate these problems. Delicate fabrics, which are pleasant to the body, should be used. They are made up of viscose, cotton, and linen.
  • Multifunctionality: Nowadays, manufacturers produce maternity clothing that is more variable and complex. For example, they add a side slit and the maternity sweater beneficial after childbirth.
  • Elasticity: It is not uncommon that pregnancy involves a cute baby bump and huge weight gain. Here the biggest complication that may arise is clothes suitable for your size. Hence, pregnant females should choose an elastic fabric to bear the excessive stretch. This is done to resolve the issue without causing any discomfort to her. Clothes with adequate elasticity will help her use them for longer during pregnancy.

By looking at all these above features, you would have an idea to choose the maternity clothing that best meets your needs.

Top 10 Best Maternity Clothing Brands for Moms to be in India 2022

1. Morph Maternity

Overview: It is one of the cheap maternity clothing brands in India. It is an all-in-one solution for pregnant females. There are various stylish kurtas and maternity clothing products to choose from. They allow free shipping over rupees 1000. They are any time available on call. One can have an opportunity of 24 by 7 shipping. They contain all pregnancy essentials. They produce products with the most affordable maternity clothing prices for moms to be in India.


  • They have a comfortable hospital bag where a mother can place everything for the baby.
  • They manufacture leakproof nursing bras, which have breathable and hygienic cups.
  • They produce maternity panties that have hygiene crotch to prevent infections.
  • They have produced incontinence panties for the first time in India that prevent light leaks that are common during pregnancy.
  • They also produce post-delivery panties, which prevent stains after childbirth.


  • These maternity clothing can be worn on every occasion, for example, casuals, parties, work.
  • It has a wide range of clothing.
  • It is a perfect solution for all your maternity needs.
  • It has a seven days return guarantee.


  • The hooks may do not function well.
  • The quality may get rough after just 2-3 wash.

2. Momzjoy

Overview: Momzjoy is the best maternity and nursing brand in India, and it has the most reasonable maternity clothing prices for moms to be in India. It aims to empower pregnant mothers and make them feel confident, comfortable, and happy. Using their products, pregnant females enjoy their maternity period by wearing functional and fashionable clothing. These peculiarities make it one of the luxury maternity clothing brands in India.


  • Their maternity clothing has a breathable fabric that is stretchy, soft, and durable.
  • They deliver their products worldwide, and also, their products reach their customers on time.
  • Their products are designed to adapt comfortably according to the changing body size and shape during pregnancy.
  • They have a zero-waste policy as they believe in sustainability.


  • They have an abundant maternity clothing range.
  • Their maternity clothing has stylish patterns and vibrant color themes.
  • Their main focus is on the comfortable quality.
  • They have plenty of designer clothes, which can be used at maternity shoots.


  • The stitching may not be up-to-the-mark.
  • Quality of the product is also not great.

3. Mom To Be

Overview: Mom to be in India is one of the most fashionable maternity wear brands. They make sure that pregnant females look best throughout their pregnancy, and they manufacture products that are stylish, trendy, and affordable. This makes it one of India’s best maternity clothing brands for moms to be in India.


  • Their maternity clothes have double layers. There are flaps below the zips that prevent irritation caused by the zips.
  • They use breathable fabric, keeping you cool and allowing plenty of air circulation. Their clothes are breathable, stretchy, lightweight, and soft to the skin.
  • These dresses are stylish; hence they can be worn at events, work, and casually at home.


  • They have a vast range of maternity clothing kurtas and bottoms in beautiful designs.
  • Their garments are made up of stretchable fabrics that adapt to the increasing curves of a pregnant female.


  • Their products are tighter and shorter.
  • The stitching is also of low quality.

4. Ajio Maternity Wear

Overview: It has the most unique, freshest, and trendiest maternity clothing styles in India, and these characteristics make it the best maternity wear brand. By wearing its products, you can freely and fearlessly express your personality. Due to their uniqueness, they manufacture products with the most affordable maternity clothing prices for moms to be in India.


  • These dresses have concealed zippers in the front.
  • The fabric used in the products is 100% cotton.
  • They have wide sizes, so pregnant females can freely move around in them. Also, it eases her during medical examinations.


  • It comprises of abundant and attractive collection of maternity dresses, skirts, and tops.
  • They have beautiful floral prints and designer sleeves.
  • They are good for outdoor evenings during pregnancy.


  • The size may be too huge for a female.
  • Colour may fade away after wash.

5. Mine 4 Nine

Overview: It is a maternity brand that focuses on comfortable, high-quality, and fashionable maternity wear. This brand was initiated to introduce affordable and trendy maternity clothes unavailable in India. The products of Mine 4 nine can be used at work, parties, social gatherings, and home. It was established seven years ago and has been successful since then, and this is why it is considered the best maternity wear brand.


  • Their dresses are comfortable and chic.
  • Their products have concealed zippers, full sleeves, and halter necks.
  • These are manufactured using soft uncomfortable rayon fabric.
  • There are vibrant colors used in their products.


  • They offer a wide range of maternity wear to choose from.
  • They give the opportunity of free and worldwide shipping.
  • They do not compromise upon the quality of fabrics.


  • Measurements may not be appropriate as shown.
  • The stitching and fitting may not be comfortable.

6. Ziva Maternity

Overview: It is one of the best maternity clothing brands for moms in India. It has a wide range of trendy maternity collections. Their prime focus is on making pregnant women remain in the utmost comfort. They create maternity wear that is baby-friendly and eco-friendly. They have essentials for the mother and the baby both. It is also known as the cheap maternity clothing brand.


  • Their products are made up of rayon to keep them soft.
  • Many products are available with them, including maternity, midi dress, maxi dress, kurtas, top, nightie, salwar, leggings, et cetera.
  • The sleeves of the dress are kept short for easy functioning. There is a concealed zip opening on both sides of the dresses.


  • It contains a wide range of collections of comfortable bottoms, sleepers, suits, tops, and gowns.
  • The zip openings on both sides allow easy nursing.
  • High-quality fabric is used.


  • The zipper may come with bad quality.
  • The fitting may sometimes be very tight for a female.

7. Mama Couture

Overview: Mama Couture has done an interesting job bringing amazing apparel for pregnant females, particularly Indians. They exactly match their body type, lifestyle, and climate. According to them, pregnancy is not always glamorous. It may get complicated, but clothes shouldn’t be when the best maternity wear brand is easily accessible.


  • Their dresses are made up of cotton with lycra mix.
  • They are available in different shades of green and pink.
  • They have a double-layered top for easy nursing.
  • They are styled to have short sleeves, round neck, and ending at calf length.


  • They’re made up of great stuff.
  • The quality of their product is perfect.
  • These dresses may be worn as regular dresses at home as they are very comfortable while feeding.


  • The quality of the fabric is worn thick hence, it may become difficult for the skin to breathe during pregnancy.
  • Stitching is not up to the mark as the buttons may come off after a wash.
  • Colour may not be similar to the one shown in the picture.

8. First Cry

Overview: It is a renowned maternity clothing brand in India with a wide variety of products. It has more than 2,000,000 unique maternity products. It has stores all across India due to its top-quality products and services. Approximately 13 million mothers engage every month to buy maternity products for themselves. It has successfully secured its place in top maternity clothing brands.


  • Their dresses have short and medium-length sleeves.
  • The dresses are printed with attractive designs.
  • There is a central vertical zip for baby feeding for the ease of a mother to nurse her baby.
  • They have round necks for regular fitting.


  • Due to their elegant designs are perfect for a baby shower and photo shoot.
  • Females of all body types can wear them.
  • Their prices are reasonable yet inclusive of taxes. They also provide exclusive offers and discounts on their products.


  • Their products may be very expensive.
  • Items may be too fit to wear.

9. CEE 18

Overview: It is an online and one of India’s cheap maternity clothing brands. It has stunning pieces of maternity clothing for every occasion at a reasonable price. Their designs are creative and breathtaking. They use premium quality fabrics, which prevent both mother and baby from allergic reactions. Their products are soft and comfortable to the skin, and this is why it is considered one of the top maternity clothing brands.


  • Their products are made up of breathable fabric.
  • There is a 9-inch concealed zip on both sides of the dress.
  • There is a center plitz around the tummy.
  • The dress is finely stitched for easy nursing.
  • Cotton fabric is used in these dresses.


  • Baby bump can be concealed through plitz around the tummy.
  • The dress is incredibly lightweight and stretchy.
  • Its invisible zip is convenient as you can open and close it anywhere.


  • The zipper may not be easily opened and closed due to low quality.
  • The flare in the Dress is less. Hence it looks like a nightie.

10. Anayna

Overview: It is a maternity clothing brand that presents a vibrant and colorful range of maternity clothing. Their products are made with supreme quality fabric. Their products are customized to make a woman adorn her pregnant body with beautiful clothes. Its floral designs make it the luxury maternity clothing brand.


  • Their products are made of breathable cotton fabric that is gentle and tender on the skin.
  • Their dresses have floral prints all along the length of the dress to make a pregnant woman hide her bump.
  • These dresses are made with a comfortable mandarin collar neckline.
  • They have discrete zippers for the ease of nursing the babies.


  • Their stylish dresses make pregnant women feel cool uncomfortable all day.
  • Their floral designs are trendy and stylish.
  • They make the perfect outfit for a lunch date or office wear.


  • The zippers are not in the right places.
  • The color may run immediately after washing twice.
  • It may be a little expensive.

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best clothes to wear during pregnancy ?

There are plenty of maternity clothes available in the market like maxi dress, maternity leggings, cotton underpants, maternity bra, maternity top and comfortable flat shoes.

What should you not wear while pregnant?

Tight clothes you should not wear while pregnant.

When should I start wearing maternity clothes?

You should start wearing maternity clothes when you are 4-5 months pregnant.

Can tight pants hurt baby?

Tight clothes won’t hurt baby but it will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. So better wear loose fitted clothes.

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