Best Toys for Babies in India 2022: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide.

Looking for the best baby learning toys for 1 year old in India? Isn’t it true that in today’s competitive environment, we all want our children to be bright and intelligent? To teach anything useful to your infant and keep them interested with education through play, or should I say educational play, you will need the best brain development toys for 1 year old in India.

Baby learning toys for 1 year olds are an important part of growing up. They not only keep the kids engaged, but they are also carefully developed to aid in early growth. There is still a need for parents and friends to take caution while purchasing toys for their toddlers or as a gift.

Here are some important toy safety precautions for babies and toddlers to bear in mind while shopping for unique gifts for one year old in India for your child:

What to Look for in Infant Toys

Safety – When purchasing for newborns, parents and caregivers should choose bigger toys. To prevent choking, toys and their pieces should not be able to fit into an infant’s mouth.

Milestones: Babies have gained critical skills by four months of age that allow them to learn, vocalise, move, and play. Toys can assist babies in meeting developmental goals.

Physical Training: Toys that stimulate physical activity can help with motor development, self-regulation, and peer interaction. When buying for newborns, look for balls, push and pull toys, or ride-on toys.

Washable Toys: Germs may be found on almost anything, even toys. Because your child is prone to putting objects in his mouth, it is always a good idea to wash the toys on a regular basis

Let’s have a look at the best toys for a toddler in India without taking up too much of your time. Here are some of the unique gifts for one year old in India for kids and newborns.

Best Toys for Kids in India 2022

1. Little’s Junior Ring

Overview: Every parent wants to give their children a head start on the learning process. With Little’s junior rings, which are designed for brain development toys for 1 year old India you can give your little tot a leg up. This toy is particularly designed to help children improve their motor and thinking abilities. It also introduces and helps your kid understand colour, shape, and size. This Amazon baby toy is for a 1 year old kid and costs INR 458.


  • Brand: Little’s
  • Recommended for: Infact, Toddler
  • Educational Objective: ‎Colour Recognition
  • Model Name Junior Stacking Rings
  • Cartoon Character: Smiley
  • Theme: Animal
  • Sport: Softball
  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Age: 6 months – 3 years
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Ideal For: Boys and girls
  • Fun filled play activity


  • All-Round Development
  • Encourages gross and fine motor skills
  • Develop Motor skills
  • Polish those Finger Skills
  • Safe for Little Learner
  • Encourage cognitive development.
  • Ideal play activity.
  • Different sized rings
  • Come in various colors.
  • Made of nontoxic material.
  • Develop concepts of colour
  • Toddler differentiates different shape and size
  • Rattling sound increase listening & hearing skills
  • Extra soft plush toy
  • Easy to hold
  • No sharp edges


  • Not able to keep kids engaged for a long time

2. Einstein Box for 1 Year Old Kid

Overview: The early years of a child’s development are essential, with 90 percent of a child’s brain developing in the first six years. Einstein Box is both instructive and entertaining. It delivers hours of screen-free entertainment. Enhance thinking abilities, and promote good habits and behaviour and is one of the best educational toys for 1 year old in India. It costs INR 595.


  • Recommended for: Kids
  • Color: ‎Multicolor
  • Recommended Age: 1 year– 2 years
  • Ideal For: Boys and girls
  • Includes 2 fun books
  • Includes 3 activities
  • Learning and Educational Toys
  • Pretend Play Set of Animal Masks
  • Educational Games
  • Gift Toys for Kids


  • Develop imagination
  • Improves attention span and memory
  • Helps toddlers learn words
  • Loved by both boys & girls.
  • Provides hours of screen-free fun.
  • Increase curiosity, logic and memory
  • Improve thinking skills
  • Develop a love for books
  • Learn good habits
  • Age-appropriate
  • Lot of variety in a little box
  • Vibrant and colourful
  • Good option for gifting as well


  • The velcro stickers come off easily
  • The corners of the books are sharp

3. PATPAT Baby Toys Birthday Gifts for Girls / Boys

Overview: Everything you need for a fun-filled day is included in the suction cup toys! 3 distinct animal shapes suction cup spinning toys with jingle bells, which can easily catch toddlers’ attention and excite their interest. These are the best toys for infants for any occasion, including birthdays, Easter baskets, holiday gifts, and everyday toys and rated as the best toys for toddlers in India. It costs INR 699.


  • Brand: ‎PATPAT
  • Color: ‎Multicolor Red Yellow Blue Purple
  • Recommended age: 12 months – 3 years
  • Edition: Flower
  • 6 different edition available
  • Touch sense
  • Fine motor training
  • Visual training
  • Brain development
  • Limb training


  • Baby bath toys
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Increases grasping power
  • Rotatable
  • The sensory fidget toy is lightweight
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Made of friendly materials
  • Doesn’t have any sharp edges
  • Promote interpersonal skill
  • Attracts children’s attention
  • Perfect Gift


  • Suction power is poor

4. Lucario Musical Learning Toys for Babies

Overview: Lucario Musical Learning Kids Activity Table for Kids contains a variety of music exercises, team activities, and phone keys. Help your baby learn numbers, shapes, and colours, as well as explore noises and musical instruments and develop your baby’s fine motor skills and create as the best musical toys for babies 6 months old.  The infant Toy Table allows newborns and toddlers to play for hours. It costs INR 2,999.


  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Brand: Lucario
  • Material: ABS
  • Age Range: 6 months – 3 years
  • 2 in 1 Sit to Stand Modes
  • Equipped with five activities
  • Stable Structure
  • Various music activities
  • Main Material: Plastic.
  • Ideal For: Boys and girls
  • Table offers two modes


  • Word book with rich pictures
  • Detachable table legs design
  • Perfect Gift for Little Boys and Girls
  • Premium Material
  • Stable Structure
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Improve the pressure resistance
  • Learning mode and musical mode.
  • Stimulates curiosity
  • Increased desire of exploration
  • Increased color cognition
  • Musicality and language ability.
  • Loaded with fun sound effects


  • Difficult for baby to understand different activities
  • Does not features colorful lights

5. Brainy Bear Subscription Box

Overview:  It’s a joy to see your child make his or her first work of art. Definitely one to have for a lifetime. A Montessori-inspired unique gift for one year old in India incorporating water play, pouring containers, and sensory development provides experience and sensorial development as well as some key life skills. This lovely Montessori peg box aids in the development of pincer grasp, hand-eye coordination, and a strong sense of accomplishment. It is rated as the best wooden toy for 1 year old. It costs INR 2,299.


  • Color: ‎Multicolor
  • Recommended age: ‎13-15 months
  • Brand: The Brainy Bear Store
  • Cartoon Character: Flash
  • Learning wooden toys
  • Recommended for toddlers, babies & preschoolers
  • Contains 8 activities
  • Focus on building endurance
  • Amazing learning set


  • Fine motor skill based activities
  • Increase cognitive learning
  • Promote pincer grip development
  • Develop the tripod grip
  • Language development
  • Encourages independent play
  • Promote problem solving skills
  • Contain educational flash cards
  • Fascinating story book
  • Beautiful stamping bag and tools
  • Involving water play
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination
  • Brings a sense of achievement
  • Embraces basic numeracy concepts


  • Some small parts can be easily swallowed by a baby.
  • Books have sharp edges

6. Curious Cub Montessori Learning Wooden Toys Box

Overview: Did you know that a 7-month-old baby can complete a puzzle? Your child’s problem-solving capacity develops at each level. Curious Cub Montessori Learning Wooden Toys Box promotes problem-solving, perseverance, and creativity and is one of the best brain development toys for 1 year olds in India. It is rated as the best educational toy for 1 year old in India. It costs INR 2,999.


  • Color: ‎Multicolor
  • Brand: Curious Cub
  • Suitable for ages: 9-13 months
  • Set of 5 Montessori Toys
  • ‘Colourful Food’ Book
  • 2 Sets of Flashcards
  • Information Booklet.
  • Toxin free
  • Sustainable and natural


  • Designed by Experts
  • Right toy at the right age
  • Learning and Educational
  • Handcrafted in India
  • Tested and certified by BIS Standards
  • Develops visual tracking skills
  • Develops ‘c’ grasp
  • Builds precision
  • Refines fine motor skills
  • Helps learn objects
  • Develops early language
  • Improves visual memory
  • Promotes confidence and self-esteem


  • Risk for splinters
  • Toy designs are not so detailed

7. Sky Tech Sanghariyat Toys Transparent Plane Aero Plane with 3D Lightning

Overview: A multifunctional Gear Light Plane toy with mechanical gears simulation and a translucent shell that can go 360 degrees and automatically change direction when it encounters an obstruction. This Beautiful 3D Lightning Electric Plane Toy is professionally created utilising strong plastic construction. It is rated as the best toys for toddlers in India.  It costs INR 839.


  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Size: Small
  • Brand: Sky Tech
  • Recommended age: 2 – 5 years old
  • 3D lightning
  • Moving gears and music
  • Travel 360 degrees


  • Long-lasting strength and use
  • Expertly crafted
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Endless hours of play
  • Automatically changes its direction on contact
  • A charming musical tune
  • Realistic whistle bell
  • Chugging sounds for increased fun


  • Outer body is delicate

8. Goyal’s MonkeyBall Drop Toy for Babies and Toddlers

Overview: Goyal’s Monkey Ball Drop Toy Multi-Coloured Ball Drop Ramp Toys are made of high quality PVC and have sturdier pieces that will not bend when assembling. The Ball Drop Ramp Toy Is Simple To Assemble And Disassemble. When You Shake Them, Really Cute And Popular For Early Intervention Childhood. It is rated as the best brain development toy for 1 year olds in India. It costs INR 549.


  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Goyal’s
  • Theme: Action
  • Recommended age: ‎9 months – 4 years
  • Educational Objective: ‎Numeracy, Literacy & Spatial Awareness
  • 3 Game Players
  • Puzzle Pieces: ‎1


  • Made From High Quality PVC
  • Multi-Coloured Ball Drop Ramp
  • Sturdier Pieces
  • Two Spinning Acrylic Activity Balls
  • 5 Tiers Ramp Toys
  • More Interactive Play
  • Easy To Assemble And Breakdown
  • Weighted Balls Rattle
  • Ideal For Children above 12 Months
  • Bright Colours
  • Interactive Sounds
  • Intricate Shapes
  • Promote Intellect Skills
  • Perfect Eye-Hand Coordination Exercise


  • Easily break into pieces

9. Besties 2 in 1 Baby Horse Rider Birthday Gift for Kids

Overview: It is a one-of-a-kind design that elevates the beauty and functionality of this toy. It is quite simple to put on and take off, making it an excellent present option for children and rated as the best product on amazon baby toys 1 year  old. The toy may be used as a rocker or a foot-to-floor ride-on. It is rated as the unique gift for one year old in India. It costs INR 619.


  • Brand: BESTIES
  • Material: Plastic
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Color: White & Red
  • Recommended age: ‎6 months and up
  • 5 inch seat width
  • 2 In 1 Function


  • Unbreakable body
  • Attractive and fancy cartoon face
  • Enhancing arm and leg coordination
  • Indoor and outdoor activity toy
  • Durable
  • Made of plastic material
  • Leg rest for comfort
  • Unique design
  • Very easy to take off and on


  • The quality of wheels are not up to the mark

10. ZEROONECRAFT Wooden Non Toxic Colourful Rattle Toys Gift Set

Overview: ZeroOneCraft strives to design creative children’s learning toys that give a welcome distraction from such devices and is one of the best toys for toddlers in India. Furthermore, our objective is to lessen the environmental impact of plastic and batteries. It is rated as the best wooden toy for 1 year old. It costs INR 479.


  • Colour: Multi Colour
  • Materia:l Wood
  • Theme: Musical
  • Various instruments
  • 4 musical activity toys
  • Age Group: 0 to 3 Years
  • Handmade toys
  • Made from Non toxic vegetable paints
  • Made by skilled artisans from Channapatna


  • Provide a wide range of sounds
  • Improve your child’s motor skills
  • Smooth and safe finish
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% Child-safe
  • High-quality wood
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Light-weight
  • Recommended for both indoor and outdoors
  • 6 Different type design
  • Gender neutral colors
  • No plastic used
  • Perfect for both boys & girls kids
  • Easy to grasp
  • Encourage to play


  • Detach easily
  • Some small parts can be swallowed by infants
  • Rattles have sharp metal piece inside
  • Toys make low sound

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a good learning toy for a one year old?

Curious Cub Montessori Learning Wooden Toys Box is a good learning toy for a one year old.

What gift we can give to 1 year baby?

PATPAT Baby Toys Birthday Gifts for Girls / Boys  we can give to 1 year baby.

What toys make babies smarter?

Brainy Bear Subscription Box toys make babies smarter.

Which brand is best for baby toys?

Brainy Bear brand is best for baby toys.

Which toy is the most popular in India?

Little’s Junior Ring toy is the most popular in India.

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