Our objective is to assist you in selecting the finest product for your needs. That means suggestions that are direct to the point, depending on in-depth and statistics evaluations. We purchase our own items, test them, and then propose the best one to purchase. We test all of the goods we review on the same test bench so that they can be compared simply.

Based on our test measures, we automatically generate all of our ratings. You may learn more about how our test benches and scoring system function by visiting this page. When you click the next to the result, you’ll see the formula used to calculate the ranking. To confirm our findings, we spend a lot of time evaluating the items side by side. Our whole test process is also available on our website, allowing you to independently verify the results.

We preserve the goods we evaluate until they are no longer available so that we may compare them to make sure our reviews are still valid.

What are our sources of income, and how would you help us?

We don’t have any advertisements on our website since we wish to maintain our neutrality (based on the review websites have ads from Samsung). Instead, there are only two methods for us to generate money:

Thanks to your support through the insider programme, you now have access to additional features. If you purchase something via our website’s connections to stores, we will receive a commission. As a result, we’re working toward the same goals as you: finding the greatest solution for your requirements. Find out more about these hyperlinks.

What are the origins of the items we review?

We don’t acquire our review units straight from the makers, unlike most other websites. Instead, we purchase them from Amazon.com and other sellers and retain them once they’re no longer available, at which point we resale them used locally. It implies that our items aren’t hand-picked by the makers, but rather reflect what you’d buy if you were buying them yourself.

After you’ve finished testing a product, what do you do with it?

We purchase all of the review items and have them on hand to evaluate with firmware or self – test upgrades. We resale the review units locally, once the item isn’t any longer relevant (e.g., withdrawn or disliked).

Why hasn’t been reviewed yet?

Because we have a restricted throughput, we must choose which model to test first. We rank our reviews according to the following criteria:

  • Champions of the recommendation poll
  • New and well-liked releases
  • Most people’s needs are likely to be met by these products.

Here’s where you can recommend and vote on what we should evaluate next:

  • Suggestions for a television to review
  • Make a suggestion for a pair of headphones to evaluate.
  • Recommend a monitor for evaluation.
  • Recommend a soundbar for review.
  • To review, suggest using a mouse.
  • Suggest using a keyboard as a review tool.
  • Recommend a printer for evaluation.
  • Suggestion: review in a vacuum.
  • Suggestions for a blender to test
  • Recommend a speaker for a review.
  • Make a recommendation for a camera to evaluate.
  • Suggestion: use a laptop for the review.


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